Monday, June 6, 2011


I saw this post this weekend and decided I would try to do it.  It looks manageable but then again.... that's a lot of squats!  I thought I would repost this just in case somebody else wanted to try it out with me.  Let me know how it goes!

I've been slacking lately in the blogger world but I promise to get on top of it this week.  I've got some fun posts from Ryan & I's anniversary weekend coming up.

Happy Monday!


  1. that sounds doable! wade and i started family runs at night this weekend...i think i may die ;)

  2. That sounds intense but I want to try it!

  3. Is it wrong that reading this just wears me out? I really need to get in a routine and this looks interesting. Maybe I'll start with halfsies. :)

    P.S. The pom poms I made were from Martha at

    I use 8 sheets of tissue, but at about half the size of Martha's (mine were ~12"x14" sheets). I also used twisty-ties to keep them together. They get kind of addicting to make once you get started. :)

  4. Holy have you started!? UPDATE! It all looks doable. Maybe you should start a blog challenge of doing this 3 times a week or something...? Be a leader! ;) Then when you visit we can run the stairs of Red Rocks.


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