Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hard Week

Well, we are back to a family of 4 again.  KC & Yogi had their cousin, Mooshu, live with them for a few weeks while my mom's dog, Sasha, was recovering from surgery.  Mooshu went home this weekend with my mom but not on a happy note. 
Sasha wasn't able to recover from the surgery and was put to sleep.  This has been so hard on me, and I've been moping around ever since.  I can't imagine what my mom is going through.  She got Sasha right after I left for college and right after her divorce from my stepfather.  This dog got her through losing jobs, a house fire and moving to different cities.  I can only imagine what Sasha meant to her.
Mooshu will definitely be missing his playmate.
I'm glad my mom still has Mooshu to cheer her up.
But it was sad saying goodbye to him!  Ryan & I got pretty attached. At least we can still visit him!

I will miss the late night "bewitching hour" where he would fly through the house and knock over things.  I will miss our cuddles and play time.  He is such an entertaining cat!

And he will miss my shoes...


  1. Someone else just posted yesterday about having to put a dog down and I couldn't see the comment I was writing through tears. So sorry your mom had to go through that, but I'm sure she's glad to have her cat back with her.

  2. I'm so sorry!! Our pets are such important parts of our family! I'll be thinking about y'all this week!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Sasha. Pets are such members of the family. What a sad time. Hopefully cute Mooshu will give her some kitty comfort. He is such a pretty cat!

  4. Pets are totally family! I'm so sorry!


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