Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Ok, so I'm still procrastinating on that photography post.  But I did have a very busy and productive weekend if that makes up for it!

Story time!
So Friday I'm hurrying home from work to clean up the house and help Ryan prepare dinner for some friends of ours that were coming over that night.  I walk in the house and was immediately greeted by the smell of something burning.  It was so thick that I could see smoke in the kitchen.  I was about to yell for Ryan when I rounded the corner and spotted this.  (see below)
A burned Tony's pizza.... if you can even tell!

(La, ignore our processed food!  We were cooking a good meal that night :) )

Once I made it up to Ryan's office he explained the situation.  He had apparently threw this pizza in the oven as a quick lunch since he was having a busy day and completely forgot about it when he got a phone call.  Some time later our cat, KC, started meowing outside of Ryan's door.  This happens often when he wants attention but this time he wouldn't let up.  Ryan thought this was odd and finally opened the door.  When he did he smelled the smoke and realized he'd left the pizza in the oven for over 2 hours!!  Needless to say, KC is our hero and saved our house from catching on fire!!

I wasn't too happy that our house smelled before our friends came over but thank goodness it was nice out, and we could open doors & windows.  Mark & Emily claimed they didn't smell it, and we had a lovely evening eating our non-burned, homemade BBQ meal and playing cards.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in a little, we did end up making it to the kick off day of our local Farmer's Market.  I didn't realized that there wouldn't be much produce there yet but we still had fun checking out all the herbs and plants.  The only thing we bought were some honey sticks.  Yum!

the market

I looking forward to when all the fresh fruits and veggies will make there appearance.

Even though we had a very busy weekend of working in the yard and painting the rest of our kitchen we found time to relax as well.  Our cats were loving the windows and doors being open with our attic fan creating a nice breeze for them.  :)

I don't know how we ended up with another house with so many gardens to keep up with but we did.  Ryan did an amazing job of raking and cleaning up the flowers beds.  He put down brand new mulch and pulled weeds in preparations of planting some flowers next weekend.  If you were wondering why I wasn't helping I was slaving away painting in the kitchen.  Our entire first floor has been painted now and it feels good to be done with it!  I promise I will start posting some pics soon.  I still need to finish some painting up stairs.

But meanwhile, I am going to enjoy this gorgeous weather and watch what surprises are popping up in our flower beds.


  1. Hope you had fun with Mark and Emily - I haven't seen them in forever (assuming it's the ones I know too). So glad your kitty came to the rescue!!

  2. Haha, I love a good pizza every now and then! Maybe he needs to stick to sandwiches? I can't wait for the farmers market to open!!!!

  3. burned pizza and surprise tulips... a lovely blog combination. :)


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