Monday, April 4, 2011

Last of Mexico

For the final post on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I thought I would show you what we mostly did every day... Layout on the beach.

This is the view of our beach and resort from the back side.  The top wraparound balcony was our suite.
We'd also go on walks along the beach.  We even saw a whale!!

The boys played shuffle board and sand volley ball almost everyday.  Ryan roped me into playing shuffle board with him on the last day, and I totally beat him! :)

You can see some of the vendors that were there everyday selling jewelry, sunglasses, clothes, candy, etc.  We became friends with a few of them by the end of the week.

On the last day we decided to take some pictures by the ocean.  Kelsey was excited.

Me & Ryan

Brad & Lindsey

Brad & Ryan

The girls

Every time Linds & I get near a body of water we always have to take "jumping" pictures.  Here we are gearing up for the shot.

We always have a miscued picture but they are always so funny looking!  Kelsey looks like she was about to get some major ups!


This one is my favorite with Linds doing a karate move.

Group shot.

This was our last night out on the town.

The girls all wore floral dresses.  I love it!

Kelsey & "Austin"

Linds & Brad

The men

Ryan & I

I just had to throw in some of the gorgeous pictures I got of the ocean.  I used some of these for my photography pictures.  Do you blame me?

I LOVE this night shot.  I took it on a tripod with a longer shutter speed, no flash.

I can't finish this post without mentioning all the funny/unfortunate things that happened to each of us.
Ryan:  He was sick most of the week with a bad cold & creamed his knee while zip lining
Me:  I think the only thing that really happened to me was a bad blister from walking in heels over the very uneven stone walk ways.
Brad:  While taking our above pictures at the beach, Brad decided he wanted to climb the slippery rocks in the background and fell off of one climbing back down.  He scrapped up his leg and hand.
Lindsey:  The very first day as we walked in our suite, Lindsey was looking out the sliding glass door at the view & Brad decided to open the sliding door at the same time and whacked Linds on the side of the head!  She also got stung by a bee on the second to last day.
Kelsey:  She really didn't have anything bad happen to her except maybe the fact she had to put up with two couples while she was single for the week.  :)

The very final thing I will leave you with is a funny clip that reminds me of one of our hilarious nights staying in playing card games (Canasta mainly).  For whatever reason something reminded me of the SNL skit with Molly Shannon playing Sally O'Malley.  I busted out the moves and nobody knew what I was talking about!!  So now I am posting the video clip to prove I wasn't crazing because everyone made fun of me the rest of the trip over it.  :)


  1. That blue and yellow dress you wore is gorgeous!

  2. Cute pics! I love the black with white polka-dots bathing suit in the first pic... where did you get?? I need a new suit and that one is super cute!!


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