Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a day in the life

Me:  Babe, I heard on the radio the other day the top three things women like to wear that men dislike.

Ryan:  Oh ya?  What were they?

Me:  I can't remember the order but Uggs, oversized sunglasses & red lipstick.

Ryan:  That's about right...

Me:  WHAT!??!?!  I wear all those things!!!!!  

Ryan:  *deep breath* But they look good on you.

Me: rrrrrrright.....


  1. but I love my uggs and big sunglasses! I firmly believe it's because guys don't try uggs. they'd love them too!

  2. Haha oh Ryan ;)
    We will be in kc that last week of April, starting the day after Easter. Let's plan a time to hang out!

  3. What a smart guy!! I can think of sooo many other things I think guys wouldn't like. I think Uggs, huge sunglasses and red lipstick is fun :)

  4. LOL!!!! Soooo funny...sounds like something my husband would say, too. :)

  5. Ha! Jeremy hates it when I wear my oversized sunglasses. Oh well, they aren't girls so they don't understand. =)

  6. now i'll have to ask beau what he thinks! i'll probably get the same response :)

  7. That is seriously funny! I do NOT NOT NOT like it when girls wear UGGS!

  8. I just found your blog from Kelley's, and - Ha! Seriously laughed out loud.


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