Monday, March 28, 2011

PV Excursion

Do you remember when I told you Ryan got me a zip lining excursion for Valentine's Day?  Well, we got to go midweek, and I have to say that was the highlight of our trip.
Ryan all geared up and reading to hit the lines.

Brad & Lindsey

Ryan & I ready to go and listening to our instructions.

I think there were about 14 different runs and some of them went over a river.

There was gorgeous scenery all around us.

Ryan took some pictures while zip lining and got this one of me taking off from the next platform.  Ryan got stuck on the line at this point.  Ha!
Waiting for the next line with all our gear.  Lindsey was a pro.

This is what the instructors kept calling the "Sexy Leg".  We had to hike up our leg to get attached to the line.  Brad did a great job here demonstrating that.  :)

Poor Ryan would get going so fast.  One time he came into a platform so fast that he whipped up and hit his knee on the line or the thing the guys use to stop us and busted his knee open.  I'm sure it didn't feel too great but he still finished out the day.  I think it was more painful then the cut actually looked.

Afterward, while waiting on our bus we visited the animal house.  They had tiny little monkeys we could feed.  We got to go in their cages and feed them yogurt off our hands.

They were soooo cute!

I think these were called Squirrel Monkeys.  They really climbed all over you.

I love this picture of Lindsey in the background and the monkey in front grabbing Ryan's hands.

I'll never forget this experience.  I totally recommend zip lining to everyone even if Ryan got a little boo boo.  :)


  1. I was wondering if we went with the same zip lining company in Vallarta as you guys but we didn't get to play with any monkeys. =(
    The pictures brought back a lot of memories!

  2. Monkeys and zip fun!

  3. Oh shoot!! You are so sweet for looking for it. Ok, well coming from KC, when you first pull into Clinton, at the first light you’ll turn left. There is a BP station right there, but it is just slightly off the main road (across the street from the hospital). If you skip that one and keep going through Clinton, the road curves to the right. You’ll hit another stop light before the highway turns into 13. There is a Wal Mart on the SE corner, and my dad’s station is the Bullseye just to your right (NW corner). The nicest gas station is actually in Lowry City, MO which is about 15 min south of Clinton and that’s also where the BBQ restaurant is. As you approach the town there is a speed limit thing that tells you how fast you are going and then the highway curves to the left. There are two gas stations across the street from each other – my dad’s is Alexander Farms on the right. It is at a funny angle though so if you aren’t paying attention when going south on 13 you almost don’t realize it’s a gas station at first. The address of the Lowry City store and the BBQ restaurant is 200 N. Highway 13. For now the BBQ restaurant is open Tues-Sat so you might have missed JJ on Sun, but the gas stations are obviously open 7 days a week. You’ll have to let me know the next time you go down that way! I plan to be there more on the weekends soon!


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