Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

From the title of this post you now know where we went!
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
This was literally the view from our room/suite!!!
I thought I died and went to heaven.

Brad & Ryan
I'm pretty sure we had the best room in the whole place.  It was right on the beach over looking the ocean on the top floor!

We went on this fabulous vacation with our best friends Brad & Lindsey and Lindsey's awesome little sister, Kelsey (who is also a dear friend of mine).  They all go with their family every year to PV and this time we got to tag along.  It was so nice since they knew where everything was and where to eat.  Our very own personal tour guides.  :)
This was the name of the resort we stayed at, Villa Del Palmar.  I wouldn't have remembered if I didn't take a picture.  Kelsey (the bottom picture) is pretending her boyfriend, Austin, was there in this pic b/c he couldn't make it.

This place was absolutely gorgeous.  I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when I walked into the entryway.
I thought Ryan & I were on our honeymoon again!

I'm not sure how many building there were but there were two different sections where the building surrounded pools.  I think there were three different pools?

The third pool (not shown) over looked the ocean.

I have no idea how we got this nice of a suite but maybe had to do with the Fuller's coming to this resort every year.  This was what you saw walking into the room.

The Canasta card table.  :)
Behind it was a drop down bed in that big wooden furniture piece where Kelsey slept.  She even had her own closet and private bathroom too!

The amazing kitchen.  Brad setting out all the snacks we brought.  We ended up going to the local Wal-mart for breakfast and lunch food.  That way we just went out for most of our dinners.

This was Ryan & I's bedroom.  I can't tell you how nice it was!  These pictures don't give it justice.
Brad & Lindsey had their own bedroom & bathroom as well.  It was the perfect setup.

The very first beautiful sunset we experienced in PV.  I looked forward to this every night.

Can I please go back?!!

Now that you've seen where we stayed I'll post more about our fun activities, which mainly consisted of vegging on the beach.  :)


  1. As I read this, in my first period, while it rains, in Virginia, I sorta resent you. Spring break is still three plus weeks away.

    BUT it looks BEAUTIFUL and I hope you'll keep posting so I can live vicariously.

  2. Wowsa!! Looks beautiful! I am going to daydream about being on a beach in Mexico today. So glad you had fun :)

  3. officially jealous ;) i say we have dibs on joining you next trip :) also, i love your kstate shirt...where did you find it?

  4. We went to Puerta Vallarta last summer and it is my FAVORITE place to stay in Mexico. Just so gorgeous with the colors!
    Beautiful place, you're making me want to go back now =)

  5. I'm so jealous! I've never been to Mexico but the pictures always look so beautiful. Glad you were able to get away with good friends!

  6. Love this! Puerto Vallarta is where Austin and I went on our honeymoon (almost 5 years ago!!). I want to go back!

  7. Wow! That sunset and your views were gorgeous. I bet you really did feel like you were in heaven. What a great getaway!

  8. Um that is AWESOME!!!! So beautiful! I bet it was FABULOUS to get away!


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