Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo 101 :: Assignment 2

For my second photo assignment I was supposed to show different shutter speeds.  I had all these plans to get outside and get pictures of Ryan riding his bicycle.  Sadly, the weather did not cooperate on the days I could do it.

Fortunately, I always have my kitties as good back up material.  The next three photos are of Yogi in stop motion jumping in the air.  I used a fast shutter speed to capture a crisp image.  If there isn't the best lighting use a flash.  That is the best way to get a stop motion, even if your outside & it's sunny.

The rest of the pictures were taken with a slow shutter speed.  That allowed me to get blurred or longer exposed pictures.  It's a good way to show there is action in a scene.  This usually requires a tripod as well so the whole image isn't blurry.
In these pics, I put my camera on something to stable it.  I turned off all the lights.  I gave Ryan a laser to point at the camera to make different designs.  Then, I changed my shutter speed to a long exposure and these are the results.

These next two, Ryan had a flash light that he switched on & off in different locations giving a "ghost" effect.

It works better if your subject could stand still.  Then it wouldn't be as blurred.  But I think he was just too excited about the shoot.  :)
Yes, I know.  We Ebright's are super classy with our muscle shirt tank tops.
It was hard enough to get him to participate let along to make him go change!

On the Canon camera's change your setting to the "Tv" mode (Shutter Priority) or I think Nikon is the "S" mode.  Then you can change the shutter speed to fast or slow and the camera will select the correct aperture for you. 
Shutter speed are shown in fractions.  The larger the bottom number is the faster the shutter speed is.  So 1/125 is considered fast, and it can go up to 1/8000 of a second.  But you have to be careful because at that speed it doesn't let in that much light.  The lower the number the slower the shutter speed is and the need for a tripod is greater.  It can go as low as 30 seconds or more.  That's how a lot of people get those pictures where highways have streaks of lights from all the cars passing by.

Hope this helps!

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