Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

FINALLY!!  This girl has joined the blog-o-sphere!  I've been nagging at her forever to get her rear in gear.  Ha!
This my friends, is one of my besties (Kara) who is ridiculously talented, and is finally showing you all her creations on blogspot.  I don't even get to see all the amazing things she does so now I can pop over and check it all out.

I know she is still working out the kinks on the blog design and layout but you can still see all her fabulous posts.  Hop over there and show my bestie some love.


  1. first wanted to say, ive been praying for you in regards to your last post. big bummer.
    second, saw sallys comment and totally want that onesie :)
    third, love love love kara's blog!
    fourth, we are coming to town at the end of April. I want a playdate (can I call it that) with you both and LB) :) and we have got to take a picture of us together since I am not sure we have any together in the entire existence of our friendship, okay that may be false but i cant find one.

  2. Ha, I felt this way about Kelley! Why did she take so long to start blogging???


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