Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Visits

This past weekend the hubs & I picked my mom up bright and early Saturday morning to drive to Springfield, MO.  Of course on any early morning road trip it required donuts from one of my favs, Lamar's.  It was a pretty dreary, drizzly day but it was ok b/c we were nice and warm in our car together.

Once we pulled into town, our first stop was to see our cousins.  I love visiting them and their house is gorgeous.  Remember this?  Every time we go my favorite part is listening to James and Sherry's hilarious stories.  They are the BEST storytellers ever!  What a neat, neat couple.
Sherry's actually my first cousin and she & her husband had two handsome boys, Alex & Derek.  (That's Alex's girl friend, Brittney, in the picture with him.)
They treated us to a delicious Mexican meal for lunch.  Ryan & I are constantly craving Mexican food since we left Houston.

After our bellies were full we said good by to the cousins and continued our journey on to see my mom's brother, Kenny.  Sadly, Kenny has been struggling with several health issues over the years and is now on Hospice.  It's so hard to see loved ones struggle.  It's never easy.  All we can do is let them know how much they are loved.  His loving wife, Betty, is a saint!  She does everything she can for him and it's so sweet to see true lasting love continue through such hard times. 

We don't get to Springfield that often and it was so good to see everybody.

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  1. Next time you go, be sure and stop at one of my dad's stores in Clinton, or better yet, stop in and get some BBQ from JJ in Lowry City! :)


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