Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out & About in Mexico

I'd thought I'd share with you some of our little outings into town for either shopping or dinner.  It's amazing how cheap everything was there.  A nice dinner costs the same as a cheap dinner in the U.S.  The taxi's were always just a couple of dollars and the buses were like 35 cents!  Granted, the taxi/bus drivers were crazy!!  I remember getting on the bus pictured below, and I had just barely stepped onto it before he put the petal to the metal!!  All they care about is getting to the destination as fast as possible so they can get in as many routes as possible.  It was fun though bouncy around on the stone roads and being around the locals.  :)
You can tell how bouncy it was because I couldn't get a clear picture!

Our first dinner out was a Daiquiri Dick's.  Most of the restaurant was outdoor seating and it was the perfect night for it.  I think this was one of my favorite meals and all the employees were so nice!  That was definitely a theme in PV.

Ryan, Brad, Lindsey & I

This was another night that we all went out when Kelsey got into town the day after us.  This night we went to a place called Pipi's that I didn't get any pictures of.  It's such a fun, vibrant restaurant (also one of my favorites).  Totally recommend this place.  It's definitely a Fuller family favorite.

The next morning, Lindsey wanted us all to have breakfast at her favorite spot in town, but she wanted us all to walk there.  (We did this twice during the week.)  It had to have been over 3 miles or more!  Luckily, it wasn't that hot out and there was a lot to see along the way.

Love the KFC to-go motorcycles.  Why don't we have this in America??  They had these for most of the fast food joints.  Awesome!

This is the beginning of what is called the Malecon.  This is where a lot of the shopping, restaurants and bars are located.  The beach is directly across from it.

Right below the sidewalk are a log of artists displaying their work of sand castles and balancing stones on top of each other.  Everybody is trying to sell something here.  Ha!

Gorgeous work.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the rock balancing.  It was so neat!

There were statues everywhere.  I thought this picture of the old man sitting was so sweet.

This was a fan favorite.  Everybody climbed up the ladder to get a picture (this is Ryan).  So fun!

Kelsey, what's up there?

This was also a big attraction.  There was a guy on top with a whistle thing playing music while the rope unwound with four men getting lower and lower to the ground.  They were blind folded and apparently they knew when the ground was near from the music the man played.

There were tons of tents setup to display the local artists work all along the ocean.

Then we finally reached our destination and by that time I had worked up an appetite.  It was soooo good!

I can't remember what night this was but we tried out an Italian place for dinner.  It wasn't bad but I should just stick with Mexican food in Mexico. :)  Kelsey is taking a picture with her arm out where her boyfriend, Austin, was supposed to be.

Ryan, Me, Brad, Lindsey & Kelsey

This little girls swim suite shocked us when we pasted by it in a window.  Look at the top!!!

Later that night we decided we wanted to dance a little bit.  All the clubs where trying to get us in, and we decided it was because they knew we would get the dance floor going!

These clubs were like none I've seen before.  They were huge and extravagant.  It's hard to tell from these pictures.

They even busted out a break dancing group for entertainment.  I felt like I was on So You Think You Can Dance. 
There was definitely plenty to do there in PV.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenny Barton

I'm taking a break from posting about my vacation to remember my Uncle.  Kenneth "Kenny" Barton pasted away the Saturday before I returned home from Mexico.  He was at home with his wife and daughter.  Kenny was only 75 and to me that is so young.  For many years he struggled with health issues so I know that he is now in peace and free from suffering.  But it's still hard to say goodbye and see all the sadness from his loved ones.

This morning I read the most beautiful post from Gitzen Girl.  She is no stranger to suffering and I refer to her blog often in conversations.  Today's post helped me put things into prospective.  She does that a lot for me.  I'm going to post it below.  I think everybody could use her words.

"Prayer without ceasing is only possible in a life of continual thanks."

~ Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

I was talking about prayer with Susie the other day, and I told her that - at some point - my prayer life changed. Now, every one starts with "thank you."

I don't know how else to pray because I stopped knowing what I wanted to pray for.

As much as I want parts of my life to change, I don't want it to change if it's not in the best plan of God.

Sometimes I don't want things to be this hard if I live a long life, and sometimes I want to fulfill this road but want Him to promise me it will be a short one. I want people protected and to feel the peace they so need, but I don't want them to be protected out of living and loving in His will.

For me, it all comes down to wanting to ask Him for His will to be done. Not mine. It comes down to trusting Him with absolutely everything and everyone.

So my prayers sound more like this:

Thank You for knowing how all of this plays out each day, so I can be content in living each day of it for You.

Thank You for keeping me open so I can see what is in front of me that you need from me today.

Thank You for covering my friend in your protection. For allowing her to feel the love and peace that I am sending and that You provide.

Thank You for never leaving my friend, even when He doesn't feel You or believe in You; thank you for waiting for Him with open arms when he's ready to see You again.

Thank You for loving her enough to make a clear path in a time when she needs to know how to travel.

Thank You for the gifts you've placed everywhere around me, in the hard places, so I can see You in it all more clearly.

Thank You for healing her in Your time and in the way You know she needs. For protecting her body and her spirit as only You know how to do as she walks this road.

I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I trust that everything that comes from God is good. I trust that everything that comes from God is an already answered prayer. I trust that everything that will come from God is exactly what I need.

Even if it's hard.

Because He's sees what I can't. So I count it all as gift. And I thank Him… not for the pain and the difficulty… but for the faithfulness He gives during all of it.

That is how I have learned how to Praise.

Even in my weakest places, even in my hardest moments, even in the depths of pain and sickness, I thank Him for what I know for sure is true. Beyond the distraction of the hard. Within the hard.

I praise Him for Him.

As Ann says in her book, all is gift. All is grace. And I praise Him because I trust Him with all of it.

My praise and my trust go hand in hand."

Monday, March 28, 2011

PV Excursion

Do you remember when I told you Ryan got me a zip lining excursion for Valentine's Day?  Well, we got to go midweek, and I have to say that was the highlight of our trip.
Ryan all geared up and reading to hit the lines.

Brad & Lindsey

Ryan & I ready to go and listening to our instructions.

I think there were about 14 different runs and some of them went over a river.

There was gorgeous scenery all around us.

Ryan took some pictures while zip lining and got this one of me taking off from the next platform.  Ryan got stuck on the line at this point.  Ha!
Waiting for the next line with all our gear.  Lindsey was a pro.

This is what the instructors kept calling the "Sexy Leg".  We had to hike up our leg to get attached to the line.  Brad did a great job here demonstrating that.  :)

Poor Ryan would get going so fast.  One time he came into a platform so fast that he whipped up and hit his knee on the line or the thing the guys use to stop us and busted his knee open.  I'm sure it didn't feel too great but he still finished out the day.  I think it was more painful then the cut actually looked.

Afterward, while waiting on our bus we visited the animal house.  They had tiny little monkeys we could feed.  We got to go in their cages and feed them yogurt off our hands.

They were soooo cute!

I think these were called Squirrel Monkeys.  They really climbed all over you.

I love this picture of Lindsey in the background and the monkey in front grabbing Ryan's hands.

I'll never forget this experience.  I totally recommend zip lining to everyone even if Ryan got a little boo boo.  :)