Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl Party

This past weekend one of the couples in our small group had us all over for a Super Bowl Commercial Watching Party.  :)  Since nobody really had a team that they were invested in we just casually watched the game and rated the commercials.  (A moment of silence for the Chiefs...)  I was rooting for Green Bay though because of Jordie Nelson.  He played football for K-State while I was there, and he was always one of my favorites.  He rocked that game!
Little Annie even showed up in one of her favorite team's cheerleading outfit.  She was the cutest cheerleader of the night!

I was planning to bring a fun little Valentine inspired dessert to the party but Ryan overrode me.  He demanded his Monster Cookies.  Ha!
That's ok, I will get in my Valentine baking in this weekend.  He can't stop me! There was still plenty of love in the air at the party without my little treats.  Oh ladies, the man on the right (Greg) is single and ready to mingle!  :)

I love this picture of Jeremy sipping his tea with his pinky up!  Actually, I think it's coffee but still.

It was a lovely night of spending quality time with friends and the team I was rooting for won!  Go Jordie!  Now I'm gearing up for V-day and planning out what delicious treats I want to bake this weekend.  Happy Friday!


  1. I love that you had a SB party just to watch the commercials! That's so great!

    Happy Vday Baking! Ryan is one lucky fella! :)

  2. Wish we were in kc and then we could bake together this weekend I love to bake but don't have anyone here to bake with well except lb ;)

  3. Oh and I tagged you in a game over at my blog :)

  4. Fun Fun Fun! We drank coffee at our party and it was DELIGHTFUL!

  5. I always root for Q's team because I don't really care and B, I think he REALLY likes it when we are on the same side.


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