Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The end of January and beginning of February is chalk full of birthdays!  It definitely brings cheer to the dreary winter months.  
Sean & Emily flew back from Arizona/Utah (I like to call it Utazona) for Georgia's funeral and it just so happened to be Em's birthday.  So even though it was a tough weekend it was great that we all got to be together for her big day.  Emily requested to have lunch at one of her favorite places to eat as a child, Brookville Hotel in Abilene, Kansas (formerly in Brookville, KS).  I think I was the only one who had never eaten there before and I was excited!
The birthday girl sat at the head of the table.  (Sorry this picture is so dark! I tried to edit it but it wouldn't save.)

She got lots of fun jewelry and gifts.

The food was absolutely amazing.  It was all homestyle cooked food.  I can still taste it... mmmm.... It reminded me a lot of when we went to Stroud's here in KC for Ryan's birthday.

Susan & Papa
I love the wallpaper behind them!

The whole gang but a blurry picture. :(  

Sean's parents were even able to join us!

Sally, Emily, Sean, Ryan, Susan, Harlan & Papa
It was actually Harlan's birthday a few days after Emily's.  Sally & Susan surprised him with a birthday party in their home town that we unfortunately couldn't attend.   I hear he had a blast.  :)

Here is Papa & Susan remembering Mimi (Papa's wife & Susan's mom) would have been 85.  Mimi & Emily shared a birthday.

The siblings

It was also Papa's birthday today!!  He would tell you he's in his 84th year and 9th decade (so he's 83).  This was a picture I snapped of him on our way home.  Even after that ginormous lunch at Brookville, Papa requested to stop off for Freddy's ice cream.  You gotta love Papa!


  1. Lots of birthday fun! Your grandpa's ice cream cone looks delish!

  2. Loads of birthdays! You will have to plan your babies around that time! ;)


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