Friday, January 7, 2011

Jolly Good Time

I'm finally posting about Christmas.  Someone give me a high five!

Most of the family were together on Christmas Eve except for Emily & Sean who were driving in from Arizona.  I think they got in around 3 or 4 in the morning??  Dedication.  The rest of us all went to the Christmas Eve service and came back to the house for dinner.  Our friend Greg came over to join us.  He leads worship at our church.
We were lucky enough to have Greg AND Sally serenade us with Christmas songs.  Emily we missed your voice too! 

We all slept in Christmas morning especially b/c Em and Sean got in so late.  But KC was ready to open gifts.  This was our second year to do Secret Santa's and it was a success again.

 Susan was lucky to get her hubby as her Santa and got all kinds of goodies from Williams-Sonoma.

Ryan had his dad, Harlan. 

Sally had her brother and screen printed a shirt with their logo and a chicken.  I was so jealous!  Then I found out that we made us all one and they were all unique to us. 

Emily showing her shirt off. 

My mom had Sally. 

I had my mom.  She's always on the hunt for a good scarf.

Both Sean & Emily weren't in on the Secret Santa this year b/c we didn't know they were going to be able to come.  It was a awesome surprise that Sean got some time off his new job to come in town.  Susan still hooked them up with some pretty sweet gifts. 

Same with Papa.  :) 

After the gifts we had our big Christmas meal and then we all went to see The King's Speech.  It's a family tradition to go see a movie on Christmas.  We had such a fun and relaxing day.  It was perfect.

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  1. those shirts are so cute! you will have to post a pic of the one you got. Great idea on how to do Christmas secret santa style :)


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