Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Over the holidays we were able to see some good friends that came in from out of town.  Brad & Lindsey were in from Houston visiting family so we snuck in a few hours with them.
 Brad, Ryan, Me & Lindsey eating at a local Mexican restaurant.

Then we got to see some good friends that were in town from Bartlesville.  They were able to see our new house and then we grabbed some lunch at the same restaurant we ate at with Brad & Lindsey.  Ha!
(Left to Right)
Janet, Me, Ryan, Eric, Nate, Jordan & Emily

Later in the week, we went over to Lindsey's parent's house to play... Canasta!  
Linds ringing in the New Year with Cooper.  (Ok, so it was a few days after New Years.)

Ryan & I couldn't get over how big Cooper has gotten since we last saw him in Houston.  Ryan's famous quote, "Is he like 200 pounds now?!" 

Since we don't have a dog of our own, we live through Brad & Lindsey.  :)  This picture made me laugh because Cooper totally missed catching the toy but his mouth was wide open!

Their little family. 

Kelsey (Lindsey's little sister) had to jump into a picture with her dog too.

Then all the girls tried to take "the" picture in front of the Christmas tree.  Which of course, is always difficult when my husband it taking the shot.  :) 

Mackenzie, Kelsey,(both are Lindsey's little sisters) Linds & I  
Oh and Kelley, I'm wearing the chicken shirt I got from Sally in these pictures.  Shout out!

The boy picture.  Aren't they just adorable??

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  1. It looks like a fun time. I could seriously eat Mexican food every day. Too bad it's fattening and not Q's fav....


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