Thursday, January 13, 2011

Evan & Joannie's Wedding

On New Year's Eve Ryan & I went to his cousin, Evan's, wedding.  We'd never been to a New Year's Eve wedding and it was a blast.  Ryan was one of 10 groomsmen!  Evan and his now wife, Joannie, lived in New York and just recently moved to San Francisco.  So they had friends from all over coming to this wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Lidia's in downtown KC.  It is such a gorgeous restaurant.  Ryan & I looked into having our reception there at one point. 
Adrianne (sister of the groom) & Brent
I had such a cute dress on for the rehearsal but every picture that was taken of me was AWFUL!!  I almost posted one but then saw how large I looked and immediately deleted it.  Boo.

The wedding was at the beautiful Country Club United Methodist Church close to the plaza.  I didn't get very many pictures because it was the first freezing night we had in KC.  I was just trying to get to one venue to the other without my tears turning to ice. 
It was such a fun wedding party and Ryan got to do all sort of fun things with the guys the day of the wedding.  Since it didn't start until 7 pm they had some time do goof around.  Joannie had bought these crazy socks for all the guys to wear.  They were pretty excited to show them off.

The reception was held in The Sawyer Room.  You have to go check it out!  My pictures do not give it justice.
Cousin Sarah & Sally 

The ceilings were so intricate and had so many gorgeous chandeliers.
This was our center piece at our table.  Other tables had flower arrangements as well.

Love this picture of Harlan.
Jeff & Sarah just recently moved away to Indiana for Jeff's school.  It was so good to see them.

Cousin Alison & Uncle Alan
(You could probably tell that Alison & Sarah are sisters.)
Close shot of Ryan & I
I loved their cupcake "wedding cake".  It was adorable and easy for people to just grab one.  Some of them had little signs on them that meant something to the bride & groom.  Too cute!
Sally & Ryan
Ryan & his dad

I, of course, had to have the cupcake with my sorority letters on it.  :)
Joannie & Evan cutting their mini cake.

Listening to toasts.
The couple's first dance.
Susan & Harlan
We had such a good time and rang in the New Year's with our family.  It will not be a night I will soon forget.


  1. I've thought a lot about having a NYE wedding (with some fictional groom). I thought it would be SO fun to be with all your family and friends. Plus, my friends can never decide what to do on NYE anyways!

  2. BEAUTIFUL wedding and bride! I love New Year's Eve weddings!

  3. Beautiful and I'm glad that you had a great time! When my cousin got married New Years Eve it was TERRIBLE because we stayed in the hotel, with a baby, and um people partied in the new year in the hall way SUPER loud keeping baby and EVERYONE awake. It was TERRIBLE!!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a special night indeed!

  5. Beautiful pictures, sister! Maybe you should teach that class... ;)


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