Friday, December 3, 2010

Where I Work

I tried to find a good picture of where I worked on the internet and this was all I could find. It's a blurry image of the tanks and pipes at the ConocoPhillips Kansas City Terminal. You can see Kansas City's downtown in the background.
There are several other tanks that are not in this image and a truck rack where the drivers load their product. I, however, work in our office building. It's just a small one story on the edge of the terminal. There are only a hand full of people that actually work at this terminal (8) and only three have offices. The others are out on the field or at the truck rack. They do have a command center in our office building that they have to operate as well. There is only one girl, me (obviously). That can be a good or bad thing. Luckily, it's been great. All the guys are so nice and it doesn't feel awkward being the only girl. I do miss my girls back in Houston though. Holla! Good thing for me, we can still communicate via our IM system at work.

 And this is my office desk.  This is the first time I have duo monitors!  I feel so special. :oP  It is nice to have a large work space though because I tend to have a lot of paper from all the reports I run.

Here's a closer view.  I even have a nice TV to watch... Ok so it's for work purposes only.  Did you believe me at first?  Wouldn't that be nice to actually be able to watch your favorite talk shows while at work?  And yes, that is Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion on my desk.  Don't judge.  My hands get so dry this time of year!  My mother-in-law turned me on to it.  It's legit.

Last view of the office space.  It can get a little lonely at times, but I get visitors so that's good.  Hope you enjoyed the short tour of where I spend most of my time Houston peeps!  (They've been asking for pics for awhile now.)

Ryan came to visit me and do a terminal tour with my boss. A big chunk of his customer's load out of our terminal so he thought it would be beneficial to see it. Having your husband visit you at work and it's considered "work" is just one of the many perks to being employed by the same company. :) Doesn't he look cute in his fire retardant, safety, lab coat?? This was in our back storage room. I'm so disappointed that I didn't get a picture of him in his full gear with safety glasses, a helmet and safety gloves. Remeber when he was Captain PROClean?


  1. I wish Jeremy and I worked for the same company. I keep joking that once he graduates and gets a real job I'm going to quit and become his secretary. =)
    Your desk looks so spacious!

  2. Is that the location where one of the big tanks caught on fire a year or two ago? (not sure if you would know since you didn't live here). And I love Ryan's outfit!

  3. Oh, your office is cute! Sometimes I miss having an office, but then I get little/big hugs so I like my "home" office. ;) It's cool that you work with guys...less drama that way! Does gold bond really work? It is SUPER dry here. Like super duper, and I need something better. Did you get your book? Did you start? I'm super excited!


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