Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I don't think there's any secret how much I love  I heavily relied upon it when I lived in a smaller town in Oklahoma when there weren't many shops around.  When I moved to Houston I thought I would actually be able to get out and shop more, but the traffic and the fact it takes an hour to get anywhere still had me shopping online.  So my love for Amazon stayed strong.  For some reason, the other day I started looking through my purchase history.  It got me thinking that some of these things would be excellent Christmas gifts!  So I put a lot of ideas together on one page for anyone looking for last minute ideas.  You can click HERE or on my sidebar to the right.

Hope some of these ideas help.  I love all the things you can find on the internet in the comfort of your own home.  No need to brave the crowds.  :)


  1. Do you have that Junior League cookbook? I have mini collection of them myself - I love them!

  2. You are so right!!! And with kids it only gets worse! You only have so long between nap time and eating and lalala! Great idea!


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