Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy December!

I'm super excited to share with you my sister-in-law's creations. My sis-in-law, Sally, started a company called The City Girl Farm this year along with her mom and her sister, Emily. Check out their website.
(so cute and creative!)

Sally graduated from Kansas State University with a degree and masters in Interior Architecture and Design. She was inspired to start her company shortly after due to an overwhelming response from one of her projects in school. The project was of a functional foot stool that looks like a chicken! Furniture imitating art imitating nature?? :) Since then she's been to several shows including one in New York City.

New York Show

Also check out Trail Creek Farm at  You might enjoy seeing the cross stitch design-endless love. (Emily totally designed it herself!)

Now she has created a divine set of Christmas cards & wrapping paper that are hand painted and hand screened. The collaborated with a lady named, Holly Stewart, for designs.

Wrapping Paper

The gift bags are The City Girl Farm's design. (Hand screened as well.)

If anyone is interested in prices, you can email them at

You could even collaborate with them on a Christmas Card design for you and your family!!  They are very flexible with what your thoughts and ideas.

It is a family runned business that would love your support! 

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  1. I am in love with these designs. beautiful! too bad i already picked up all my wrapping paper and such for this year but I'm going to check out the websites. maybe ill just have to get a special gift to use special wrapping for! So talented that Sally! If I could convince Wade of a need for that footstool I would totally want one :)


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