Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Christmas Party

This past Friday Ryan & I were able to attended our first Christmas party of the season.  It was hosted by Ryan's cousin, Ali, at her gorgeous bungalow house in Brookeside.  Unfortunately, I didn't end up taking any pictures!  So I stole one from Ali's facebook and one from her blog.  :)
 Uncle Alan, Cousin Ali (with fabulous new red hair!) and Aunt Linda

Ali had quite the spread of food and desserts.  I totally wish I would have snagged a picture of the table.  We didn't know very many people at the party so I was a little intimidated whipping out my big honking camera and taking a ton of pictures. 
She also had a room designated for cookie decorating.  So cute!
Just look how cute her little place cards were to tell you what the food was.  There were even cute ornaments as party favors that Ali made.  She is so creative and an incredible cook.  Do yourself a solid and visit her cooking site here.  You will not regret it!



  1. That looks like so much fun! We recently went to a cocktail party and I so wanted to take pics....but um yah... Unless they are blogger too everyone just stares at you!

  2. What cute ideas!
    Way to go, Cousin Ali!


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