Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebration

I'm getting this post up a little late! But at least it was before December.
We had an amazing Thanksgiving with our family this year (like every year). This one was just a little bit more special though. Being home in KC and spending more time with everybody since no one had to travel was such a blessing.
Even Ryan's Grandma stopped by to see the house before she headed on to Blue Springs for Thanksgiving.
Harlan, Georgia May & Ryan
Susan & Ryan slaving away in the kitchen. As usual, Susan brought all her famous dishes that make a meal truly complete. Ryan's turkey was one the tastiest turkey's I can remember having. This year he brined the turkey before hand, and I think it made a difference.
Sean helped trim the turkey and save the juices for the stuffing. Yum...
Everyone at the table except Ryan, Susan and I. It was so hard to get a group picture this year! Boo. Do notice Papa throwing up peace signs though.
Afterward, the group played some rousing games of tennis and other Wii games to work off the calories.
And to work up and appetite for dessert!
The dessert table. This year I was in charge of the pies for the first time! I've never really made a pie before. So I was pretty nervous. Naturally, I had to hit up Pioneer Woman's website for ideas. She actually referred me to other people's recipes that I sifted through. I did find a couple that I thought were worth trying.
This was my first chocolate pie. It turned out pretty good but I wish it wasn't so gooey. As in, I wish it was a little smoother. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It also needed a lot of homemade whipped cream to offset some of the bitter chocolate. I was a little self conscious of this one but everyone seemed to love it. Whew.
This was definitely my favorite pie. Mmmmm... Pumpkin.... It was surprisingly easy to make. It turned out perfectly! I was afraid the middle of the pie might fall inward but it turned out to be level. It tasted great too, not too over powering but just enough flavor. I also found a recipe to make the pie crust's and it wasn't hard to do either. Trust me... if I can do it. You can do it.
Susan brought an assortment of scrumptious cookies to munch on as well.
To top off a wonderful day, my sis-in-laws serenaded us with their gorgeous voices. They always create the most amazing harmonies.
I love my sisters. :)
Thanksgiving was so fun and I can't wait for Christmas. We put up our lights on the outside of the house and are putting the finishing touches on the tree and decorations inside. Pictures to come! Hope you liked the sneek peek inside the house. I'm still trying to get a post together of before and afters. Since that "afters" may take awhile, I'll probably post "before" and "in progress". ;)

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  1. Hey there, the doctor’s office that I posted about is off of Metcalf, right near 103rd – Vince and Associates. The house in PV is off of 76th and Falmouth. We’ll have to check out Candy Cane Lane – I don’t think I’ve seen it before.


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