Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Taste

Here's a sneak preview of all the hard work that's been going on these past few weeks.  We were so blessed to have our family and friends come the weekend we moved in and work!  I've been planning to show you guys before and afters as the rooms finish.  That will probably take awhile, but we'll work with it.  I'm pretty burnt out on painting already and we're painting every room in this house!!!  oh man...
The first room we hit was Ryan's office so that he could feel settled.  We are almost done with it.  It just needs a new light fixture, hang up artwork and maybe new window treatments.

Emily's boyfriend, Sean, was a huge help.  It was so sweet of him to want to pitch in.  I like him.  ;)
(At a certain somebody's request, I switched the "painting photo" with a more appropriate depiction of Sean.  WHERE'S THE GUN SHOW?!)

That first weekend we ended up painting three bedrooms and the guest bathroom!!  You will crack up when you see the before pics.

The Ebright men just don't know how to not be working.  Even while the movers were moving us in they were outside raking!!

My mom worked so hard that she ended up having back pain for a week!  This is her getting a much needed message from our friend Elise.  She is such a sweetheart!
Much more to come.  As we speak our driveway is getting redone.  So excited!

Pretty much the story of my life right now is work, unpack and paint, repeat.


  1. You have an awesome family! I'm so glad you guys are making the house your home.

  2. Ha, do I know how you feel! You are awesome to take pics as you go! I just wanted it done. If my Mom hadn't snapped some photos we would have been up the creek!

  3. Oh my goodness.... this is bringing back so many memories of last summer. We painted every room in our house ( and the ceilings). At the time I was wishing we had just hired someone, but now I feel so proud when I tell people WE painted :) I can't wait to get to tour your house :)
    By the way, I love the new look of your blog! Have a great weekend and don't work too hard!

  4. I was glad to help. You guys have an amazing house. That pic of me is not flattering. Please change.

  5. Can't wait to see all the photos!! I'm hoping next time we are in KC we can swing by and see you and have you meet LB! This past weekend we came in very briefly and he screamed through every visit. We stopped by to see John and it lasted about 10 minutes with ear piercing screams. Darn teething. So excited for you guys to be back in KC! I am slightly jealous too I miss that place being home.


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