Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sean = Sad

So you've probably read about Sean (aka Emily's boyfriend) before on here.  I really like him.  :)  Emily & Sean have known each other since at least high school.  They lived in neighboring towns and even went to prom together!  Through the years they've remained friends and this past year realized they had feelings for each other.  It's a match made in heaven.  They seriously are perfect for each other.  I was super excited to move back and get to hang out with the love birds.... BUT now Sean just took a job in Utah!!!  What the heck??  
(high school pic)

I mean I'm happy he was offered a great job at an incredible resort, but I really think he should have checked with me first.  ;)  Check out the flipping awesome resort HERE where Sean will be hobnobbing with celebrities.  It's the word on the street.  He will actually be living in Arizona b/c the resort is so close to the border.  On a positive note, I guess I have more excuses to travel to cool places.  
Ryan, Emily & cousin Alison at Sean's going away party this past weekend.

Ryan & I realize this also means that Emily will not be far behind him.  So we are savoring these last few days together!

Em, Ali & I 

Side note, Ryan & Emily's cousin, Alison, is an incredible cook and photographer (not to mention musician).  You should totally check out her website.  I know you will find some very delectable recipes you will want to try.

Oh Sean, we are going to miss you!  Our  time was so short in Kansas City, but have no fear!  We will be visiting very soon.  KC will not be the same without your tennis matches and painting skills.  We know you will kick booty in your new job.  Go get them tiger!


  1. That stinks for you, but sounds super awesome for them!!!

  2. That resort looks uh-mazing!! I hope you guys get to go visit soon.


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