Friday, November 5, 2010


Right now life has been a little hectic.  That is be a big reason why I'm loving reading the book Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wayne Mueller.  It has been a breath of fresh air to read.  I'm finding myself highlighting almost every page.  I even put a quote from the book in my "about me" section to the right.  The trend of my life seems to be a hectic one and it's so important to remember to rest.  It does a body good.  :)  How I heard about this book is from a lovely community of blog book readers, Bloom.  Check them out and join in on the fun!

Ryan & I will be moving into our long awaited house this weekend!  We are lucky enough to have a team of wonderful family and friends coming to help us paint a few rooms on Saturday before the movers come on Sunday.  Get excited for some pics!  It maybe a few days though...  Remember? I'm trying to slow down a little bit? 

To tide you over, I'm leaving you all with a cute/awesome video my sis-in-law, Sally, introduced me to.  Some of you may have already seen this, but it's worth revisiting.  I just love it!

Hope that brings a smile to your face and you all enjoy your weekend! Think of me while I am slaving away unpacking boxes upon boxes.


  1. That book sounds like something i should be reading :) hope the move goes well! so excited for you!! we will have to figure out a time to meet up once things are settled for you all!

  2. I agree with Kelley; I need to be reading that book! Crazy! I'm actually hoping to start a new study in January! Maybe that one..


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