Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Wrap Up

I know you guys are all waiting on a house update.  Well, the only think to report is there has been a lot of painting and unpacking going on.  I promise to get a post out soon specifically about the house.  :)

On Ryan's actually birthday, my mom joined us for dinner at the famous Stroud's Restaurant.  I had never been and Ryan wanted good home styled cooking.  There's always a wait but it's so worth it.  This restaurant was even featured on Man vs. Food.
 Waiting to eat our chicken fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy, green beans, chicken noodle soup and cinnamon rolls!! mmmmmm

If you are ever in KC this is a must.

After we sufficiently filled our stomachs, we stopped by our good friends, Matt & Kara's, Octoberfest party.  Seeing all our good friends really topped off a great birthday for Ryan.

The next day we traveled to Manhattan, KS for a football game.  Back in the spring I had bought us tickets to the K-State homecoming game for my hubby's b-day.  Since it was the day after I thought it would be a perfect birthday gift.

We had a blast even though our team lost to Oklahoma State. :(  Boo.  Oh well, it was still great to spend some time back in our old college town.


  1. I think fried chicken sounds REALLY good right now!

  2. That DOES sound tasty! And what a GREAT gift, I would love to go to a game with Q. Although we ARE OU fans...


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