Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mark & Brittney's Wedding Part 2

I just realized that Ryan & I haven't been to a wedding in awhile.  We had gone through a huge wedding rush a few years ago and now there is a mini one going on.  It's so much fun!  

After the bridal luncheon we all headed over to Brittney's parent's house to get ready together.  Brit's mom had the perfect bathroom setup for us all.  Brittney gave us these adorable robes with our initials on them and pearl jewelry to wear to the wedding!  Fortunately for everyone, Chelsea (Brit's sis) is in cosmetology school right now and did everyone's hair including the bride's!

Just a few hours away from the wedding!

The wedding ceremony was gorgeous and was flawless.  The reception was held at the brand new Hilton hotel in downtown Bartlesville.  It had an awesome reception hall.  This was Mark & Brittney's first dance as a new married couple.  Is her dress not fabulous?!  I helped pick it out. ;)

The sweet father daughter dance.

Our table mates Johnna and her boyfriend (look for him on the up coming season of American Idol!)

Cutting the beautiful wedding cake

Dang photographers in my way!  The nerve!

Best Man speech

Maid of Honor / Sister speech

The glowing couple

Beautiful tablescapes

James & Riley

Newly engaged couple Heath & Julie

You probably don't remember me telling you how freaking funny Heath was from the Sedona trip.  So I'll remind you with this awesome pic of him getting down on the dance floor.

Ryan and I

The signing of the marriage license.  I love this pic!

The Kappa's singing the traditional wedding song to the bride.

 Girls getting ready for the bouquet toss.

Meghan had some ups!

Watch out Chase.  That means you guys are next!!

Newly engaged couple Marian and Austin

Groom and his Groomsman

I had to get a pic with the bride!

It was such an honor to get to see the start of their relationship, be there when they got engaged and see them get married.  What a perfect story!  Love you guys!

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