Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mark & Brittney's Wedding Part 1

So Mark & Brittney's wedding was back on September 25th and I'm just now posting this!  Almost a month late. Geesh.  Better late then never!

The festivities started on a Thursday night in Bartlesville, OK with the Bachelor Party.  So we headed to the "ville" right after work.  Our good friends Nathan & Janet we so sweet to let us stay with them Thursday and Friday night.  We miss those guys so much!!  They are always so much fun, and Janet is a great cook too. ;)

The men.  I took a picture with Janet too but I looked horrendous!!

Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that was held at one of the nicest restaurants in B'ville, Sterlings.

Ok, before you see the below pictures I have a story to share.  There is currently an exciting thing happening in Bartlesville that has everyone buzzing.  Apparently, this small town is the spot where a movie is currently being shot.  The stars of the movie include Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams (my favorite)!!!  People had been talking about sightings of the stars and I was so jealous that I was missing all the fun!  A lot of my friends even went to a casting call for extras and one of them got a call back!  They are even filming in our friend's neighborhood and their house will be in the movie.  Really exciting things going on right now!

And it just so happened that the night of the rehearsal dinner Ben Affleck decided to have dinner at the same freaking place!!!!  He was so gracious to come over to our table to greet the bride and groom!

He's hugging Brittney!

The best wedding gift ever!!

He was eating just a few tables over from our group.  What a fun surprise!  I don't think Brit or Mark will ever forget their rehearsal dinner experience.  :)

Friends Meghan and Chase

Ryan & I

Afterwards we hung out at the Price Tower which is an amazing hotel that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright himself!

There are no 90 degree angles in the whole building! 
Brit & I wore very similar dresses!  Too funny.

Me, Brittney and Chelsea (sister)

The next morning was the Bridal Luncheon (the day of the wedding).  It was held at the country club and made for a beautiful luncheon.

The bride and her mother exchanging some heart felt words.

That cake was so good!

Such a cute set up!
More to come from the actual wedding!!


  1. I can NOT believe that you got to see Ben Affleck in person!!! I'm so jealous, I have never seen a celebrity in real life.
    It would have been even cooler if it was Rachel McAdams though, she's my favorite too!

  2. You always have the best stories! Or luck, or something! How cool is that that you all got to meet Ben Affleck!? The shower and dinner looked wonderful. Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. I'm so excited to see wedding pics -- everything looks beautiful! Have to say it looks like Mark was blushing more than Brit. hehe.

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  5. OMG I cannot believe that you got to see Ben Affleck! I'm a total celebrity stalker! :) Sounds like a wonderful shower!

  6. Thats so fun that you saw Ben Afflek! He would have needed security with him because I would have been completely obnoxious :)
    We went through a huge stage in our lives when we had weddings all the time. Now its slowed down and I really miss them!
    Cute dress by the way!

  7. That is pretty cool! How fun! What a cool wedding gift! That cake looks delish as well.


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