Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kansas State Fair

One of the first weekends back in Kansas happened to be the Kansas State Fair.  It was only fitting that we went to really welcome us home. :)  I actually had never been but Ryan had some great childhood memories from it.  So he looked forward to taking me with his family and sharing the fun with me.  It's held in Hutchinson which is really close to Ryan's home town.

I had so much fun and would recommend it to everyone!  I think my favorite part was checking out all the animals... ok and the food!
This was a sculpture of rams made entirely out of butter!

 I loved all the displays of people's creations that were entered into competitions.  They had all kinds of displays of food, artwork, and just random things.

Wizard of Oz display.  Couldn't pass it up!

I took so MANY pictures I decided to just up it in a slideshow below.  Hope you enjoy!  We had a blast.


  1. So fun! Awww Kansas :) btw i tagged you in something on my blog. hope you are enjoying being back in the heartland...i know it missed you two!

  2. I can totally relate to Ryan!! There is absolutely NO fair like your home-state fair!!! :) We took Rylie to the OK State Fair this year and we will probably start making it a tradition to join my family back at the KS State Fair every year from now on. It just wasn't the same. Hope you are enjoying Kansas!!!!


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