Friday, September 17, 2010

Whirl Wind

Not sure if I still have any readers since I've been so MIA!! But if you are still out there, we have been so freaking busy!  We've looked at about a million houses, and we finally put an offer on one.  If it goes through I'll definitely post about it.  I'm STILL waiting to hear back on my potential job so I've had a nice break from working these past few weeks.  Our home is still on the market in Houston. :(  And Ryan has been crazy busy with his new job and traveling some.  

This has been his setup in my mom's dinning room while we wait until we can close on a home.  As you can see, he's had some company.

It's hard to work when you have "people" sleeping around you.  ;)

I'm trying not to lose my mind with so many things up in the air.  I'm such a planner so it's been so hard on me.  Keep me in yours prayers.  :)


  1. Will definitely be praying for you guys! What area are you all going to live in? Do you love being back in KC? So glad you are back to blogging...well at least briefly :)

  2. I'm a planner organizer as well and having things up in the air is so hard! That is one of the reasons why Gooner and I are still in Texas but Q has already started his job in CO. The office will be moving so we can't pick a place until November. bah! I like to KNOW what is going on. I pray that your house in TX sells quickly and that you hear good things back from that job!

  3. Which kitty is this? So stinkin cute!


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