Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leaving Lubricants

My last week in the office my amazing coworkers decided to take me out to lunch at Logan's. I love their bread. I think there ended up being around 19 of us!! They are too sweet and of course made me cry. It was so hard leaving and saying goodbye to everyone. They are one of a kind and irreplaceable. I miss them so much already. ;( We had a blast working together in Lubricants.

Darnell was one of the only males in our large group, and he was always making me laugh. I miss our little shenanigans.

Darnell, Sherry (back left), Rachael (back & partner in crime), Dorothy (front) & Rochelle (front right)

Katina (front left), Kelley (front right), Tommy (Rachael's hubby & Ryan's coworker) & Hope

Kristy (front), Mercy (back left), Tommi & Ryan (hubs)

Bea (supervisor), Tami, Joyce, Shannon (front) & Kathy
Miss you guys so much! I'm sure you are missing my goofiness. :)

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