Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brittney's Bachelorette Party!

The last weekend that I was in Houston was Brittney's big Bachelorette Party!! I was so happy to be able to make it and have fun with the girls. Britt had so many people that wanted to celebrate her and make sure she had a blast. She has some pretty great friends. We started off the night over at Johnna's house with appetizers and gifts. There was a great turn out.

Of course we had CRAVE cupcakes!! YUM.

Britt's sister, Chelsea, came all the way from Oklahoma to throw her a lingerie shower.

I'm not going to show the "goodies" because I know her fiance, Mark, reads this. That's right Mark! No peeking!!! (Here's an edited pic where you can just see the facial reactions ;))

BUT she did break one or two bows... so that means they are for sure having kids. ;)

She got some really great stuff including this really cute wine glass.

She had a few friends come all the way from OK too to share in her night and helped with the shower. They made her answer questions correctly about Mark before she could open her next gift.

Afterwards, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner, El Tiempo.

Then we went down town to Pete's Piano Bar. It's a dueling piano bar pretty much like Howl at the Moon. They are always so much fun!!

Me, Brittney, Chelsea & Johnna

Britt made friends with another bachelorette there.

We eventually got great seats right up front right next to the pianos.

Of course we had to get Britt up on stage! :)

It was such a fun night and these girls really made sure that Brittney had a blast.

Less then a month to the big day!! Can't wait!!

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  1. I hope that was the reaction to Ryan's gift! Broken bows? I so don't read this...


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