Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annual Family Golf Tournament

Wow, I'm really getting bad at this blogging thing!  I guess I have a few excuses, but mainly my mom's internet is so sloooooow...  Sorry mom!  It took me a few weeks to get around to posting this because it took me so long to upload the pictures.  We've had so many fun things going on these past few weeks so get ready for a lot of posts to come your way!  :)

First off, we moved from Houston to Kansas City on a Friday and that night went to a friend's house warming party.  THEN, went to my family's annual golf tournament at 7 AM the next morning.  Talk about craziness!  It was so worth it though.

I believe there ended up being 19 teams of four, two boys & two girls.  This was the biggest group to date!  Every year, we get friends and family together to play 18 holes of golf, scramble style.  There are prizes and lots of food.  I get so excited for it every year.  This year Ryan & I convinced my mom and his dad to play with us.

 Our group was so large that we rented out the whole golf course!!  

Apparently my mom has never played golf before even though she used to own her personal set of golf clubs.   That's my mom for you!  She did pretty well for never playing before, but that's why this was so fun!  Anyone can play in this tourny!  (Yes, that's a pink golf ball.)

I am in need of some golf lessons!  Any takers?

 Ryan is naturally good and it's not fair!

He must have got his natural ability from his dad.

It was so fun to golf with my family.  It was a great "welcome back" to KC!!
(Uncle John & Aunt Darla)

I think my favorite thing was driving the golf cart!

My mom really started to get the hang of it by the end... until she got tired.  :)

Short game is not my thing.

Last time we played Ryan's team won and my cousin Chelsea was on his team.  So they had a reunion pic but added baby Addy.  (My team may or may not have come in last that year.)

Afterwards, we ate and had the awards ceremony which is always fun.

My cousin, Sommer's, little girl Izzy is such a cutie patootie!  I had fun watching all the little kids running around.  So different from family gatherings just a few short years ago.

I am so looking forward to being able to join in more family festivities now that I'm home.  Can't wait!!

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