Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Visits

Pretty much right after our golf tournament, we made plans to have dinner with most of Ryan's family that came into town to see us.  Ryan had to fulfill his craving for On the Border so that's where we all headed.  

It was still feeling pretty surreal at this moment that we were actually in Kansas City to stay.  It took until I started my job before I didn't feel like I was just visiting.  I am definitely more then ready to be settled at this point.  More to come on that later.

I love being able to see family whenever we want now!  We can really start to get to know Emily's pretty awesome boyfriend, Sean.  :)

Sweet sisters

Son and Father

The next day we met up with our really good friend, Lindsey, and her family.  She just so happened to be in town from Houston the same weekend we moved.  It was good to see her even after just two days being apart.  :)  AND our amazing realtor just so happens to be her mom!

Kelsey, Mackenzie, Whitney, Lindsey, Sherry & Reed

We joined in for a pic.  This was taken at the new shopping center right behind Town Center Plaza.  So fabulous!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annual Family Golf Tournament

Wow, I'm really getting bad at this blogging thing!  I guess I have a few excuses, but mainly my mom's internet is so sloooooow...  Sorry mom!  It took me a few weeks to get around to posting this because it took me so long to upload the pictures.  We've had so many fun things going on these past few weeks so get ready for a lot of posts to come your way!  :)

First off, we moved from Houston to Kansas City on a Friday and that night went to a friend's house warming party.  THEN, went to my family's annual golf tournament at 7 AM the next morning.  Talk about craziness!  It was so worth it though.

I believe there ended up being 19 teams of four, two boys & two girls.  This was the biggest group to date!  Every year, we get friends and family together to play 18 holes of golf, scramble style.  There are prizes and lots of food.  I get so excited for it every year.  This year Ryan & I convinced my mom and his dad to play with us.

 Our group was so large that we rented out the whole golf course!!  

Apparently my mom has never played golf before even though she used to own her personal set of golf clubs.   That's my mom for you!  She did pretty well for never playing before, but that's why this was so fun!  Anyone can play in this tourny!  (Yes, that's a pink golf ball.)

I am in need of some golf lessons!  Any takers?

 Ryan is naturally good and it's not fair!

He must have got his natural ability from his dad.

It was so fun to golf with my family.  It was a great "welcome back" to KC!!
(Uncle John & Aunt Darla)

I think my favorite thing was driving the golf cart!

My mom really started to get the hang of it by the end... until she got tired.  :)

Short game is not my thing.

Last time we played Ryan's team won and my cousin Chelsea was on his team.  So they had a reunion pic but added baby Addy.  (My team may or may not have come in last that year.)

Afterwards, we ate and had the awards ceremony which is always fun.

My cousin, Sommer's, little girl Izzy is such a cutie patootie!  I had fun watching all the little kids running around.  So different from family gatherings just a few short years ago.

I am so looking forward to being able to join in more family festivities now that I'm home.  Can't wait!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

Kansas State Flower

Can I tell you that today has been a gift from God??  Literally, all of our pray requests have been answered in a matter of hours! WHAT?!!  I got a call on Friday about my potential job and.... I started today!!!  THEN, we got a very strong offer on our house in Houston and should be under contract soon.  Finally, we went under contract on a new house here in KC!!!  Everything that has been causing us sleepless nights has been resolved.  What a freaking miracle.  God is good.  Thank you for everybody's prayers and well wishes.  I know it made a difference.

I will be back to regular postings soon, especially now that our major stressors are gone!! Hallelujah!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whirl Wind

Not sure if I still have any readers since I've been so MIA!! But if you are still out there, we have been so freaking busy!  We've looked at about a million houses, and we finally put an offer on one.  If it goes through I'll definitely post about it.  I'm STILL waiting to hear back on my potential job so I've had a nice break from working these past few weeks.  Our home is still on the market in Houston. :(  And Ryan has been crazy busy with his new job and traveling some.  

This has been his setup in my mom's dinning room while we wait until we can close on a home.  As you can see, he's had some company.

It's hard to work when you have "people" sleeping around you.  ;)

I'm trying not to lose my mind with so many things up in the air.  I'm such a planner so it's been so hard on me.  Keep me in yours prayers.  :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Final Goodbyes

I had fun with my new camera on the timed picture setting with Brad & Lindsey. This was our last night together before we left. :( I'm pretty sure we waiting to the last possible second to pack that night too before we left the next day. Ooops!

Does Ryan look pretty stressed in this picture or is it just me that thinks that? Ha!

We miss them so much and want them to move to KC ASAP!!!! I'm crossing my fingers they will move in a year. Wishful thinking???

The very last day of work Ryan & I went to Spring Creek for lunch with Mark, Brittney & Shannon.

It's so strange not being around these girls every week!! Ahhhh!

We worked most of that day then drove to Dallas that night and spent the night with my Godmother, Pat, & Rocky. They always make sure to have a fabulous meal ready for us and a comfortable bed to sleep in before we travel on. These two are such blessings! Pat (of course) wouldn't get in a picture so I just a few pics of Rocky. He is so freaking photogenic!

They have a gorgeous view of the lake right behind their house.

As of right now, Ryan & I are living with my mom until we can find a place to live here in Kansas City. It's proving a lot harder then I thought to find what we're looking for! Poor Ryan is working from my mom's dining room table. I post a picture of that later. :) As for me, I'm still waiting to hear back on a COP job but hopefully I will hear something by the end of the week. Needless to say, we are stressed!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leaving Lubricants

My last week in the office my amazing coworkers decided to take me out to lunch at Logan's. I love their bread. I think there ended up being around 19 of us!! They are too sweet and of course made me cry. It was so hard leaving and saying goodbye to everyone. They are one of a kind and irreplaceable. I miss them so much already. ;( We had a blast working together in Lubricants.

Darnell was one of the only males in our large group, and he was always making me laugh. I miss our little shenanigans.

Darnell, Sherry (back left), Rachael (back & partner in crime), Dorothy (front) & Rochelle (front right)

Katina (front left), Kelley (front right), Tommy (Rachael's hubby & Ryan's coworker) & Hope

Kristy (front), Mercy (back left), Tommi & Ryan (hubs)

Bea (supervisor), Tami, Joyce, Shannon (front) & Kathy
Miss you guys so much! I'm sure you are missing my goofiness. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brittney's Bachelorette Party!

The last weekend that I was in Houston was Brittney's big Bachelorette Party!! I was so happy to be able to make it and have fun with the girls. Britt had so many people that wanted to celebrate her and make sure she had a blast. She has some pretty great friends. We started off the night over at Johnna's house with appetizers and gifts. There was a great turn out.

Of course we had CRAVE cupcakes!! YUM.

Britt's sister, Chelsea, came all the way from Oklahoma to throw her a lingerie shower.

I'm not going to show the "goodies" because I know her fiance, Mark, reads this. That's right Mark! No peeking!!! (Here's an edited pic where you can just see the facial reactions ;))

BUT she did break one or two bows... so that means they are for sure having kids. ;)

She got some really great stuff including this really cute wine glass.

She had a few friends come all the way from OK too to share in her night and helped with the shower. They made her answer questions correctly about Mark before she could open her next gift.

Afterwards, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner, El Tiempo.

Then we went down town to Pete's Piano Bar. It's a dueling piano bar pretty much like Howl at the Moon. They are always so much fun!!

Me, Brittney, Chelsea & Johnna

Britt made friends with another bachelorette there.

We eventually got great seats right up front right next to the pianos.

Of course we had to get Britt up on stage! :)

It was such a fun night and these girls really made sure that Brittney had a blast.

Less then a month to the big day!! Can't wait!!