Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miscellaneous Wednesday

Ok, I know it's supposed to be Misc. Monday... but this will have to work. I have a bunch of random things that didn't really add up to a whole post. So here we go.

1. You remember my friend's dog, Cooper? Well, I've been spoiling my little friend and buying gifts for the cutie. I was dying to get this fun little toy that's a rubber ball that looks like a tongue. It's seriously too funny. If you watch this video you can't help but laugh.

Little Cooper, actually Ryan thought he was 50 pounds!! Turns out he's only 23 lbs. :)

2. Ryan & I have been trying to hit up all our favorite restaurants before we move and Lupe's was no exception! I will so miss this place. Maybe I should open one up in Kansas. Mmmmm.

3. We've totally lucked out this year with Astro games. Our friends are the best and invite us to watch the games in amazing seats right behind the dugout!
These are our fellow coworkers, Paula & Casey. They are such a fun couple to hangout with. And no, I don't know who the random creepy guy getting his picture taken along with my friends is.

We are really going to miss going to games in Minute Maid park.

4. I'm so freaking out right now because I've watched too much of Shark Week going on right now. I'm NEVER swimming in the ocean again!!!

5. Still no set date of when we're moving yet... Hopefully we can wrap things up soon and get the show on the road. :)


  1. That dog toy is great! Can you imagine taking that to the dog park - all the stares you would get? Ha!

  2. that dog tongue is so funny!!!
    I stay away from shark week for the fear that I will never go in the ocean again, you are a brave woman for watching it!


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