Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls Weekend

The second to last weekend before we left for KC, I decided it was overdue to see my good friend Katie who moved to Dallas recently. I knew it would be a lot harder to see her once we moved. It just so happened that her hubby was out of town so it ended up being a girls weekend! Which of course means you eat girly food, shop, and watch chick flicks!!
Katie took me to this place called Bread Winners and oh. my. gosh. It was fabulous!! I died and went to heaven. This place was made for me! :) If you are ever in the Dallas area this is a must to visit.

Funny story about that picture of the Banana Foster waffle above. Katie wanted to try the cream that the waffle was topped with so I just gave her the ramekin with the extra cream that the waiter brought out for me. She took a huge bite of it and immediately looked like she was going to be sick. I had no idea why she was freaking out. Apparently, the ramekin of cream the waiter brought out was actually pure butter that just happened to look like cream!! So Katie thought I was eating a TON of butter on my waffle!! We were dying laughing. I'm glad that she finally believed me that I wasn't just eating pure butter but I guess cream really isn't too far off.

After the lunch episode we got in some shopping time and then headed back to her house to swim in the 90 degree pool. It was still fun though. ;) A good chunk of our day was spent playing with Jon & Katie's new puppy, Hans Blitzkrieg Gunner Pumpkin (aka Hans). He already knew so many tricks and did this really cute army crawl.

The army crawl... This video does not give him justice.

It was so good to see Katie again and spend some quality time together. I miss her so much!!

Please come visit when we buy a house Katie!!! Plus I know you have mad skills in the painting department and could help a sista out. ;)


  1. I would love to get together now that you are back in KC! We won't know anything until next Friday at the earliest. Thanks so much for the prayers!


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