Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet, Sweet KC

Everything is under way with the transition to Kansas City! I am just praying everything goes smoothly. My fingers are crossed that our house will be on the market by this weekend. It would be a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, and I'm anxious to get it sold. We just have to pick a realtor now that loves our house as much as we do. Ryan & I have killed ourselves to get the house ready to "show". My hope is that is sells fast so we don't have to keep the house spotless at all times!

Have I mentioned that our cat, KC, was actually named after Kansas City? He's finally going to be able to live in the city that he was named after. :) Here's a couple of sweet video's I got of him in his favorite spot in the house.

KC made a friend with this little bird that faithfully visits him everyday. This bird will squawk until KC comes to the window and then they talk back and forth. KC does this little cackle sound? I'm not really sure how to describe it. You will just have to listen for it. It cracks Ryan & I up every time.

KC & Bird from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

Another one of KC's favorite things to do is get belly rubs on the window ledge. He does not care if he could fall off. He just assumes we will catch him or support him. Seriously, too funny. I caught a glimpse of it on video.

KC Window Roll from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.


  1. Hey girl, that is so awesome you guys get to move home! I'm so jealous!! What will you be doing then since there's no CoP there? Also, wanted to recommend the realtor we used when we moved down here- Jeff Di Muria. He and his wife work together and did a great job for us!! Again- congrats on the move!! So jealous!

  2. I love Kansas City! I got to visit there a few years ago, and have been dying to take Josh. Hope you house sells quickly!! :)


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