Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Days

I love summer. Even though I'm working and don't get summers off anymore it still feels like a break. Our friends all get together and just hang out all weekend long with no real agenda. It's perfect. A few weekends ago was a prime example. Brad, Lindsey, Mark, Brittney, Ryan & I hung out for three days straight! Below are us teaching Mark & Brittney how to play our beloved game of Canasta.
Brittney freaking schooled all of us! She was a natural but Mark was pretty good himself. :)

Summer time is all about hanging out with friends and having a blast.

Love these girls.

You can't talk about summer time and not mention the pool! This is where I am every weekend that it's not raining.

The boys enjoying a game of frisbee in the pool.
I wish summer would last longer then it does. I will definitely miss hang out with these guys at the pool. :(

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  1. You live in Texas and you wish summer would last LONGER???? I think you might be a LITTLE crazy!!!! It does make for good times in the pool.


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