Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Showering Brittney

This past weekend I had the honor of co-hosting a wedding shower for my good friend, Brittney. It's been awhile since I've been to a wedding shower let alone hosting one! I had so much fun planning and coming up with fun ideas. It really took me back. :)

Of course I had to have a theme! So my co-host, Johnna, Brittney and I all decided on a Kitchen theme. It would be perfect for Brittney's very first shower. Johnna was in charge of the invitations. Didn't they turn out so freaking cute?!

Since my house is on the market, we decided it would be best to have it at Johnna's beautiful place. That way she can show off her new home too! She did a great job with the finger foods. It didn't take me long to shovel them in my mouth. I brought the CRAVE cupcakes. It was a must. :) I should have gotten a better picture of them, because I had them put a navy blue (wedding color) wedding cake cutout on the tops of the cupcakes.

I thought it was the perfect size shower and most of the people knew each other from work. Brittney's mom and sister drove down from Oklahoma to join in on the festivities too.

Brittney's childhood friend lives in Katy and just had a baby 2 months ago!! Their mom's are good friends so they were able to join in on the fun.

The loot.

I think Brittney's mom is ready for some grandchildren, can you tell?

Some friends from work, Cindy, Kim-Ahn, Laura Lee & Angela

I was in charge of the party games. The first one I had everyone answer around 20 questions to see how well they knew Brittney. It was really fun because it sparked so much conversation. The person who got the most right won a fun little gift from Williams-Sonoma. The second game were questions to see how well Brittney knew her fiancé, Mark. If she got an answer wrong she had to chew a sour bubble gum ball. The goal was to try and make her have a huge piece of gum in her mouth at the end. I tried to make the questions hard but she knew most of them!! You go girl!

Showing off her prize for playing the game.

Then it was on to opening gifts. Brit hit the mother load with her first gift!! Her family friends gifted her with an amazing Chrome KitchenAid Mixer!! How can you top that?

Her mom handmade this adorable apron. On the reverse side are polka dots! Can you just die b/c how cute it is??

Brittney struck it big.

So precious!!!

Chelsea (sis of the bride), Nancy (mother of the bride) & Brittney (BRIDE!)

The bride with her hosts! Me, Brit & Johnna
I think it's really starting to feel real for her and the wedding is coming up so soon! Can't wait!!

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