Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Seats

I'm still falling behind on this blogging thing. Thanks for hanging in there with me friends. :)

So a couple of weekends ago our good friends, Mark & Brittney, were gifted with some Astro tickets for a Friday night game against the Chicago Cubs. They had two extras and invited us along. They were told that the tickets were pretty good and free, close parking was included... can it get any better?? So of course we were happy to tag along.

We didn't realize just how great the tickets were going to be. Our seats were just seven rows back from the Astro's dugout!

We were so close that we could see their facial expressions and even hear them yelling at each other. These were probably the best baseball seats I've ever had.

Thanks Mark & Brittney!!! You guys are too cool for school.

We even saw a fellow coworker behind us... poor Cubs fan. Love this picture. ;)

The girls, me & Brittney

The boys, pointing out Ryan's Royals shirt at an Astro's game. He had to represent.

The firework show after the game did not disappoint.

Brittney and I had fun checking out the wives of the Astro's players come out to watch the fireworks on the field. We love to people watch. :)
It was another great night and the Astro's won!!!

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