Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Orleans Part 2

On the second full day in NOLA we wanted to get an early start. This is us in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States.

We had heard a lot of people talking about the Beignet's at Cafe Du Monde so we had to try them. It wouldn't have been a true New Orleans experience without it. It was a pretty popular place, look at this line!!

Getting close, I was hungry!

Mark & Brittney scoping out where we were going to sit.

It was a neat experience but it was so crowded it took forever to get service at our table! Oh well, I'm glad we did it once. Next time I'll just get it to go. :) The Beignets were delicious. They tasted like a cross between a donut and funnel cake.

Afterwards, we made a trip to the aquarium to take a tour and see an imax movie. They had a great variety of species to see. I really wanted this blow fish to puff up but it didn't happen. Boo.

Ryan pretending to stick his finger in the piranha tank, of course. I love the water tunnels with all the fish and sting ray you can walk under. This little turtle was so cute!
Brittney was excited about the tank too.
The set up was so cool. It really felt like we were in a rain forest inside!
You can even see my hair was starting to curl. :) Mark and his beautiful fiance, Brittney.

The penguins were so cute. I think they were my favorite.

Love this guy. :)
Sea horses are so fascinating to me.
They even had a spot to pet the sting rays.

We also watched an imax movie about the wet lands and the hurricanes. It was so interesting. I really want to ride around in the wet lands now in one of those fly boats!

That night we got the chance to eat at the famous chief, Emerald's (You know... BAM!!), restaurant NOLA.
Oh my gosh, the food was to die for!!
The restaurant itself was amazing, it has three floors and we took an elevator to get to our floor. Our waiter was the best too!! Good ol' Thadius. He was hilarious and even gave us some free ice cream along with our desserts. I could completely recommend this place.

We has so much fun, New Orleans was definitely a neat experience. I would totally go again.


  1. Very fun! Glad you found my new blog by the way. And I love your sunglasses!

  2. What a fun time Lindsey!! I love all the pics and the atmosphere looks amazing and beautiful! Miss hearing from you, hope everything is going well!!


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