Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Houston Zoo

I've always wanted to go to the Houston Zoo since we've lived here, and I finally got the chance a few weekends ago. Now, I know that Houston's Zoo isn't the best ever but it's still something fun to do.

I got my chance when Ryan was in charge of an intern volunteer event hosted at the zoo. He had to over see more then 50 interns pulling weeds and cleaning up while he supplied the drinks. Tough job. ;) In all seriousness, I wouldn't have wanted to be out there because it was freaking hot!! When they were through, Brad, Lindsey & I all went out there to meet up with him and explore the grounds.

I was surprised how active the animals were in this heat! The seals were putting on a show for us.
I always hate it when you just miss the trainers feeding the animals or showing them off. I wanted to see a seal jump up and hit that blue balloon looking thing.
I thought the zoo was very pretty and loved all the trees. It helped keep us cool.

It's KC's (our cat) long lost brother!!

These guys were the best! Earlier in the day, Ryan & the interns got to feed the giraffes and get right up close to them. I just love their expressions. They look like they're staring right at you.

Almost there Linds. :)

Now this little guy was to die for!! He may look a little psycho in the eyes in this pic but this baby elephant was so cute. He ran all over the place playing with anything he could get his trunk on.

Here's a clip of him playing with a metal drum.

Elephants are so fun to watch when they're active. This one cracked me up.

This clip was of some interesting looking bears that made us laugh too.

I can't go to the zoo without visiting the monkeys. They had all kinds to look at.

Ryan made a new friend.

We had a great time but I would recommend going when it's not a 100 degrees out!

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  1. Those videos are too cute. Jason and I were just talking about how we want to make a trip up to the Omaha Zoo - even the one in KC would be fun to go to again. It's been a long time.


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