Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boot Camp & New Friend

So I'm finally getting around to blogging about my boot camp. One of my best friends, Lindsey, (who happens to teach workout classes) offered to kick my backside back into shape this summer. She has the summers off since she's a teacher and for the past three weeks, we have worked out every morning, besides Sundays, at 7:00 am! I'm so proud of us for actually sticking to the routine. It's actually a lot easier to get up that early when you know someone is waiting on you. I can totally tell a difference but the pounds are coming off slowly. I will not give up though, the pounds will come off eventually. :)

Linds has been amazing with mixing it up for me. Some days we do stationary weights, cardio weights, step, kick box, cardio machines and running. Man, did I luck out with her! I'm sad though because she will be on vacation for a few weeks, and I'm going to have to keep it up myself. I think we got off to a good start so that should help. She was my life savor! Can't wait until she gets back and I can tell her that I stuck to it. I just keep thinking about being in a bathing suit and it keeps me going.


Brad & Lindsey finally broke down and welcomed their first child to their home. I'm excited to introduce you to Cooper!!

They finally realize how easy it is to love your pets so much that other people think you're crazy. :) Just look at this little guy!

How can you resist this little face??
So glad they finally came over to the dark side. :) They're one big happy family now. It's been so fun playing with Cooper when we come over, and I'm proud to be his Aunt/Godmother.


  1. That's awesome about getting up every morning to work out...I need to start working out desperately! Maybe I should make you call me at 7:00 too make sure I'm up and moving! Ha!

  2. Way to go. I'm so impressed with your kick butt workouts and consistency! Plus, that pup is so cute! Pets are perfect first "kids" if you ask me. :)

  3. He is so cute... The puppy will definately force you into a workout routine especially when he grows up...

  4. Good for you with the work out routine! What to come train me now?? Hee hee. :D Cooper is adorable! It's fun being a doggie auntie...I am auntie to two dogs so far. ;-)

  5. Go you for waking up at 7 to workout! I work out at 8 but am up at 7 to take care of Gooner! The pounds DO come off slowly but it is so worth it!!!! Are you going to show up before and after??? I love those, it totally gives inspiration!

    And that dog is cute! Where is your dog?

  6. you are inspiring me to workout more, I am so impressed you get up so early to workout!! That's awesome girl!


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