Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sally's Graduation

My beautiful sister-in-law, Miss. Sally Jane, graduated from the great school of Kansas State University this past weekend. She graduated with her bachelors & masters in Interior Architecture and Product Design. I am beyond amazed at Sally's commitment and creativity while pursing her education. She is one extremely talented woman. I love that she has no boundaries and seeks the unexpected. I can't wait to see what amazing designs she will come up with.

Ryan & I planned to fly to Kansas City Friday night and get into town around 10:15 which I was complaining was so late. Man was I wrong! It just so happened that I huge storm blew into Texas messing all our plans up. We didn't even think about it delaying our flight until the shuttle bus driver asked if we checked to see if our flight had gotten canceled. When we checked in, they told us our flight had been delayed from 7:30 to 11:00pm. It turns out that would have even been early! We didn't end up flying out until 1:30 in the morning!!! We got to KC around 4 and to my mom's house at 5. We maybe got 30 minutes of sleep before we had to get ready to drive to Manhattan, Kansas for the graduation. I thought we were going to die. I've never been delayed like that before. Have any of you??

After realizing that there was nothing we could do we just had to suck it up. We were there to celebrate Sally and spend some quality time with family. We got to go back to our stomping grounds at KSU for only the second time since we graduated 4 years ago. Apparently, the storms reached Kansas as well. It rained all three days I was there. Oh well! Here's my mom walking through campus.
I LOVE our campus.

The architecture graduation was held at a much smaller venue then the rest of the colleges at K-State. I liked how intimate it was. McCain Auditorium is actually where both Ryan & Sally had many performances in there singing careers.

Ryan & Emily's boyfriend, Sean, waiting for the show to begin.

Sean & Emily

There were several areas of Architecture graduating this day so it ended up being pretty long. Sally worked hard for this day and could take all the time she needed. :)

Here's a clip of Sally walking the stage.

Afterward, we all headed to our favorite spot to eat that usually isn't crowded, the oldest Pizza Hut that is still standing! It's true, right in our own little apple, Manhattan.

Me, Mary, Susan, Sally, Ryan, Harlan, Emily & Sean

The Ebright siblings

Then we had the pleasure to tour where Sally spent many of hours and all nighters. The poster on the bottom was of her award winning chicken ottoman design. Sally was the model for the poster on top. :)

Ryan & I finally got the meet Henny & Penny in person. They are crazy life like! Sally will be taking her creations to a huge venue in New York this August and will hopefully sell millions. I can't wait!!

Her desk were all her ideas came to life.

We stopped by the building where Ryan spent much of his time in college. I just call it the engineering building. I forget it's name.

Doesn't Ryan look good accessorizing?
I created this little ditty so that I didn't have to post all the pictures but you get to still enjoy them. :)
Love you Sally!!


  1. Congrats Sally! Looks like Manhattan was so fun for you all. And what a bummer about your flight. Wade and I have had some pretty massive delays one of which would have been 3 days so we got our money back and drove instead. But none of them were that late at night. Glad you all didnt fall asleep during graduation :)

  2. Your family just seems like so much fun!! Congrats to Sally, these pics are so good as always! I love that y'all get to travel alot, I wish we could!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. The campus is very beautiful. Hope you are off to a great summer.


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