Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Videos

I haven't posted anything about our furry children in awhile, so I thought it was high time. I had a few random videos of them I thought were kind of cute. They do so many things that make Ryan & I laugh, and I really need to get my camera out to record it. That's my goal this next month to get their hilarities on video for you. :) Here's a couple to tide you over. They aren't that funny but they entertain Ryan & I.

This is Ryan playing with Yogi who loves to get under our bed covers especially when we're trying to make the bed. He thinks it's so fun to play with us through the sheet. Sorry it's sideways!

Yogi Under the Covers from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

This one is of our cats checking out our new Roomba that we named "Wallie". Which by the way, is awesome! I would recommend one to anybody, especially people with pet hair. Please ignore my voice.

Cats & Roomba from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

I wanted Yogi to do what this cat did in the video below. However, he might have broken the thing under his weight!!


  1. funny entertaining! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I am sure you will look hot pregnant, whenever that time comes. It still amazes me how much this little boy can grow my tummy. I cant wait to see how big it is at the end :)

  2. Animals are awesome, they never cease to bore me. Such cute videos!

  3. Animals are crazy interesting. And hilarious and yours are no exception!

  4. Such cute videos!! Are y'all ready to add a cute little baby to the mix?! :)


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