Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday Night Game

Friday night was Ryan & I's first baseball game of the season, the Astro's vs. San Diego. Even though the Stro's got pummeled, the atmosphere of the stadium made up for it. :) There's just something about the crisp clean grass, hot dogs and soda that make it such a fun summer event. I always look forward to going to a few games every year.

I was lucky enough to get four free tickets from work (could be b/c the Astro's stink?) and took Ryan, Brad & Mark. The girls couldn't make it. :( They were pretty decent seats and right in the range for foul balls to come whizzing by.

It was a pretty warm Friday so they had the Astrodome covering the stadium. One of my favorite parts of this stadium is the train that whistles and moves when we get a run. Unfortunately, that didn't happen this game.

Ryan & I hunted for Stro's shirts but ended up empty handed. We are so picky! It was Pink in the Park Friday night, but I don't think you can tell from these pictures.

Wouldn't be a game without the food!

Another reason I like to go on Friday nights, is the fireworks show. It was really long and played to music. It felt like a full on show!

We were pretty close to them. Ryan thought his neck was going to snap by the end of it.

Brad, Ryan & Mark

A lot of people from my work were there because of the free tickets. So that was fun to see everyone out of the office atmosphere.
My good friend Shannon & I
I definitely want to go back! I just hope they can win for me next time. :)

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  1. Great pics. Looks like fun! We have a minor league team in Indy. It's always fun to watch, even when they don't win. :)



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