Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10k & Dallas

Man, I can't quite seem to catch up on my blogging, but I'm trying! Two weeks ago Ryan & I ventured up to Dallas for some very fun/crazy reasons. One of the reasons being, to visit my dear friend Katie a.k.a roommate extraordinaire, and her just as cool husband, Jon. I had not seen them since Katie left Houston at the end of December! How could that be??

I had been hearing all about the crazy improvements they've been doing to their new house so I couldn't wait to get up there and see! They are both so freaking talented and could flip houses if they wanted. Here we are toasting to Katie's job with Dr. Pepper/Snapple and trying out one of their new Sunkist products. This is my kind of toasting. I'm so jealous she gets free soda!!

We got to spend some good quality time chatting and catching up. It's so weird for me that they are in Dallas and Jon's in school getting his masters. Crazy how things change so fast. With all that talking, we worked up an appetite for some Mexican food (what else?). Jon & Katie took us to one of their local favs.

When I saw this little beauty below out front of the restaurant, I knew this place had to be good. :)
It sort of reminded me of the pigish status that I took pictures of in Sedona! It was so beautiful out we decided to eat outside in the courtyard behind me.
That night we ended up just renting a redbox and then calling it a night. We couldn't stay up that late because we had to wake up before the crack of dawn the next morning!

How early you ask? 4:45 am early!!! I must have been stark raving mad when I decided to sign Ryan & I up for a 10k (6.2 miles) in the Fort Worth Zoo. I had no idea that I had to get up so dang early. We were about an hour away from it and had to be there by 6:00am. You can see just how tired we were before the race. Notice my puffy eyes.

So I have never run 6.2 miles before in my life but I've really tried to get back into running. When I say "get back into running" that means I used to run 3 miles once or twice a week in high school and college. One of my goals in the next year is to run a 1/2 marathon. It would be an amazing accomplishment plus a great way to get back into shape!

Anyway, the farthest I have every run was 4.8 miles and that was 3 days before the race. Needless to say, I was pretty scared when it came to race time. Ryan on the other hand ran cross country in high school (for a short stint) and has these ridiculously long legs (no far!). My one and only goal was to finish the race without stopping to walk.

I snagged some pictures from the race website so that's why you see the copy wright imprint on them. :) Hey, they are expensive!

Here's Ryan making a beeline to the finish. He's high steppin' it!
Ok, these next few pictures seriously had me rolling on the floor laughing. So of course I had to share them with you!! There are a few things that make me laugh about this next photo. First and foremost, Ryan's midriff is showing. Oh my good-n.e.s.s.... Then the look of sheer agony on his face and the fact that he's throwing up Rocky fists with no one around him.
"Who's finishing the 10k? This guy, this guy!!"
You look a little hot there, honey. ;)

Ok, so I have made fun of Ryan enough. Now you can laugh at me, it's only fair. I'm pretty sure I wanted to crawl under a rock at this point, and I think those kids walking on the side line were going faster then me! I look like I'm just speed walking. Please notice my sweet armband that I just bought for my new nano ipod. Do you see how that "sweet" armband is cutting into my arm? Well, it totally chafed me!! I couldn't believe it! My first "runner's chafe"! I think I may have scarred.

This is when I noticed the camera and decided I should smile. I didn't want to look like I was in the pain that I actually was. It was so humid that morning because it was about to rain the whole time. It actually did rain on us the last mile and a half, which ended up feeling pretty good at that point.

Can I just tell you how freaking hilly this race course was??? The run started off through the zoo which was pretty cool but then I turned a corner and saw the most ginormous hill ever! I bet it was like a quarter of a mile high. Then when I reached the top I thought surely this was it but then there were more and more hills. Kill me now!!

Every mile maker that I saw, I thought for sure I was way past that. I was so defeated. I had to play crazy mind tricks to keep myself going. When I finally got to 4 miles, I just kept telling myself it was only another 2.2 miles. It felt like I was running forever. The worst part was that I couldn't see the finish line until I was right on top of it. There were a few woman around me that I was trying to keep pace with and towards the end started to pick them off (pass them). Then I was so scared they were going to pass me back I felt like I was running for my life, see below. That last .2 really killed me off. I thought I would never get to the finish line, but I did AND I DID IT WITHOUT WALKING!!! It's a miracle I tell you!!

I felt pretty dizzy right after I crossed the finish line but recovered pretty quick. We grabbed a few free goodies and headed out. Here we are in our car with our new race t-shirts all wet and sweaty.

Our final race times were:

Ryan - 1:02:50 (10:07/M pace)
Finish 44th out of 57 in his age group. Not to shabby for his first 10k!

Lindsey - 1:04:34 (10:19/M pace)
Finished 75th out of 119 in my age group. I feel really good about my first race. :)
I felt good that I finished just over a minute and a half behind Ryan, and that I could see him in front of me. This has just spurred me on to keep running and improving my times (plus hopefully not be as painful). Unfortunately, I've really been struggling with shin splints ever since so I've had to take some time off. I think I just increased my miles too fast and need to take it a little slower. Once I'm all healed up, I'll be hitting the pavement again.

We drove back to Katie and Jon's to shower and get cleaned up. Then they drove us around their area and to Jon's college campus, Southern Methodist University (SMU). I had been there before when I was younger because my Godmother used to work there. I had forgotten just how beautiful it was!

Katie & I infront of some gorgeous roses bushes.
Jon & Ryan
The cute couple. Jon will be spending a month in China this summer as part of his MBA program. I can't wait to hear all about it.
Ryan & I in a dress that makes me look preggers! Oh well, you win some and lose some.
We got to enjoy a nice lunch with our friends before taking off to Rockwall to visit my Godmother, Pat, and Rocky. I was so exhausted from the run, I ended up taking a much needed hour long nap when I get to their house. Then I was ready to play some Wii that my Godmother just got. Pat was cracking me up with all her funny moves. She was pretty dang good!
I just love this woman! She has such a big heart.
Ryan trying to take on the talented tennis player.
We had so much fun that my arm was sore for days! Pat & Rocky really know how to treat their guests. Ha! They always go above and beyond for us. I just love them to pieces. I didn't get a picture of Rocky this trip! Boo!

Here was the only descent picture of Pat & I, and she had her eyes closed. Ha!
It was a jammed pack weekend but I wouldn't of had it any other way. Thank you Katie & Jon and Pat & Rocky for letting us stay with you guys and entertaining us! You are the best.


  1. I'm seriouly impressed you ran that far without walking. You may have inspired me!

  2. I'm so proud of you for running that whole race! I know I sure couldn't do it. Looks like you had a great trip.

  3. Way to go on the race!! I don't know how you do it. And I am jealous of Katie too for getting free Snapple. I love that stuff!

  4. The Dallas is a beautiful city of United States and provides excellent tourism opportunities for visitors it has so many attractions to capture the travelers attention and the beaches are absolutely crowded and amazing.

  5. Way to go on the 10k!! I am way to chicken to commit to a 10k! I'm so proud of you :) My inlaws live about 15 minutes from the Ft.Worth Zoo and I love that area... so pretty!
    I'm glad y'all had such a good weekend!!

  6. I love your dialogue about the 10K... I totally would have felt the same way! "Kill me now!" haha. BUT way to go on finishing it and running the whole time! That is amazing, quite the accomplishment! I also love the dress and it doesn't make you look preggo...check out my blog pic to see what looking preggo is like ;) This post had me laughing alot, especially Ryan's rocky hands, too funny!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love those pictures of you girls in front of the roses, so pretty! :)

  8. I love the pic of ryan finishing the race. It is as great as you said!!

  9. Puffy eyes? Um WHAT puffy eyes??? You are awesome! You ran the whole thing? Say what? Q and I just ran 4 miles worth of hills the other day and I wanted to DIE. You are so brave and awesome!

  10. Way to go girl on finishing the race, that's awesome!! Love the Wii playing too, I love tennis!!


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