Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is this where those people howl?

The title was a direct quote from my precious hubby. :) He was talking about yodelers.

Can we just take a moment to soak in the awe which is the Grand Canyon?
People, this is not even a fourth of it!It goes so far down, we couldn't even see the bottom.

Ryan & I just taking it all in. Even though we were staring straight at the canyon it was still so hard to believe!

Ryan better not make me angry! :) I look pretty evil here don't I? This was actually the only part of the canyon that had any kind of railing to keep you from falling off the edge, at least the side of the canyon we were on.

Love birds a.k.a Mark & Brittney snuggling up in the canyon.

The train dropped us off right at some shops and places to eat on the canyon. So we grabbed some food before we went exploring. There were all sorts of sweet looking rock formations along the way. I wanted to climb out there, but Ryan highly advised me not to. :)

There were several paths along the top of the canyon to take, and we decided on the longer path. Brittney, crazy Mark, Riley and James walking along the trail.

The rest of the gang lagging behind. Chelsea, me in the background (I was really excited), Julie, Ryan & Heath. Notice that there was snow on the ground this high up! It was actually pretty warm weather which made it fun to play with the snow and still be warm. We kept hitting each other with snow balls from behind.

We frequently stopped on different ledges to take in the views. This one in particular was sort of scary because the snow made it very slippery and you can see no more rock wall to keep us from falling!

Ok, this clip of Chelsea cracks me up every time I watch it. You won't understand it if you don't watch this video first, click here. It was our running joke the WHOLE trip.

Wooo Woooo! from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

Ryan decided to throw a snow ball off the side to watch it fall. It kept going and going. I love action shots.

Ryan tried to scare me in this picture by pretending to fall. That little stinker!

I just love these sisters, Chels & Brit.

Time for a girls pic! Look how close we were to the edge. We were so daring.

I love this picture of Ryan & I.

Had to get a picture of all us adventurous travelers. (Side note to your day, Ryan had just stuck a fist full of snow down my pants the moment this picture was taken!! I seriously need to get him back!)
Ryan, Me, James, Riley, Chelsea, Mark, Brittney, Julie & Heath

Action shot of us taking pictures of God's beautiful creation.

Oh just another look at this gorgeousness.

But remember not to get too close to the edge or you might look like this guy!

I just can't get tired of looking at this!

My handsome man.

Trying to take it all in before we had to head back on the train.

Of course Ryan found the only park ranger we saw all day. I bet you can guess what he asked him. "How many people died last year here??" The answer was 14!! He said most of them were males between the ages of 20-40. They think they can do anything and are more fearless/careless. A lot of the deaths were due to people falling but quite a few were because of heat stroke. There were also a few suicides, so sad.
I really want to go back again but this time go down into the canyon. We just didn't have enough time to do it that day. I think it would be fun to take a donkey ride down and then float the river. How fun would that be??

Once we got back to Sedona, we went straight to dinner because we were starving. We had to try out a local restaurant that people were raving about. It was a little fancy for my blood but I think everyone enjoyed the food.
Chelsea offering up hugs but getting ignored.
Awwww, James came to the rescue.
Our fun group dinner, we even got to meet the head chef that was signing his cook book that night.

Only one or two more posts to go! This was such a huge trip that it took a lot of posts to do it justice.


  1. Great pictures! The views look unbelievable!

  2. Okay, so I finally got my computer fixed and now I get to come over here and catch up with your blog.

    What part of the Canyon were you at? I went several years ago to Pheonix and we drove there and spent a day. I have lots of pictures and put some on the camcorder as well. It was so surreal.

    In the giftshop there they had a book about the people that died. I almost bought it. Probably a good thing Ryan didn't know, he would have bought it. LOL

    We ended up going to Dallas but didn't get there til Sunday March 28th and it was close to 9PM. I found out Cody's first game wasn't until Monday and wanted to save $130.00 for hotel AND parking....

    Oh and all of those freaking tolls! WHat is up with Dallas and toll highways? I will have tons of fines in my mailbox soon because I was always in the wrong lane. I thought I was a crazy driver but Texan's have me beat. By the time I would figure out which lane I needed to be in to pay the tolls, I couldn't get over. OH well, more money in my pocket in TX, more to spend there. Haha

    We ended up staying on my Marriott points Friday night in FT Worth and had a great time. The boys and I went to a rodeo, rode horses, went on a train ride, and they even had an Easter egg hunt and Carson made out like a bandit.

    Anyways, I hope you are doing well. Missed reading your blog but now the 47 viruses are off my computer so I can catch up and keep up.


  3. Oh my, that looks like LOADS of fun! You don't look evil at all! Maybe we will meet at a race one day! ;)

  4. The Grand Canyon is on my places to see!! I want to go so bad and you just made that itch reappear! The pics are gorgeous and I love how much fun y'all have!! Next time will you take me?? Gorgeous!

  5. What great pictures!! Looks like such good time. :)


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