Friday, April 2, 2010

Is the plural form of Cactus, Cacti?

We got to Sedona on a Wednesday and stayed through Sunday so it was a nice long trip. It was jammed packed with fun activities and sight seeing. I think the most memorable part of the trip was the opportunity to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride!! I had been on a Remax balloon in high school with my mom and best friend after my mom purchased a home. Even though that ride was so much fun, that trip had nothing on this one's views!!

Mark & Brittney gearing up for the balloon ride of their lives. We had to get out there really early to avoid high winds.
Our group consisted of Mark, Brittney, Chelsea, Ryan & I and we had a blast! Chelsea was even afraid of heights, and she even loved it. Just look at how scared she was before we left. Ha!
She bought a camel back to keep her hydrated through out the trip. So she came prepared for the balloon. Nothing was going to hold her back, not even dehydration!!
Ryan & I anxiously awaiting. We were so excited to share this experience together.
The crew was actually pretty fast with setting up the equipment and laying out the balloon.
Here's a quick video of the balloon airing up.

Airing up the Balloon from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

The boys were asked to help air it up, but Brittney & I both wanted in on the action.
It was hard work!
So I let Ryan take back over. Such a strong man. :) The inside of the balloon reminded me of the parachute game I used to play as a kid. I wanted to run inside of it.
There were several other balloons getting ready for take off around us. Brittney & I tried to keep them separated. You can tell just how big the balloons are compared to us.
That's nothing for Ryan!
Ryan & I in the basket just before take off. Ahhh!!
Chelsea caught our take off on video. It was so smooth I almost didn't realize that we left the ground. It was kind of a freaky feeling.

Lift Off! from Lindsey Ebright on Vimeo.

Looking down at the other balloons getting ready for take off.
I thought this was a pretty cool view of the balloons.
Oh my goodness, the views were breath taking. The red dirt is so picturesque.
Mark, Brittney & Chelsea
Let's just take a moment to soak in the views.
This was Dry Creek river but it wasn't so dry when we were there.
This was our sweet, sweet flight captain, Doug. He was just so stinkin' cute, and I LOVED his voice. Doug's been flying hot air balloons for over 30 something years. We all enjoyed listening to his stories, and of course Ryan had to ask if anyone ever died on his watch... no one has. :)

The title of this blog was actually a question Ryan asked Doug. There will be a reoccurring theme with the next few blog titles... they all were said/asked by Ryan.
Here's a video of his sweet voice.
The pictures of the hot air balloons in the sky are my absolute favorite. I think I want to have them printed on a canvas to hang on the wall.
I'm so glad I got to share this experience with my husband. I would recommend doing this to anyone! It was such a wonderful experience.

I'm actually not done blogging about the balloon ride yet. I have a fun surprise to share with everyone on the next post, so stay tuned! :)


  1. Every single post is amazing!! I think the balloon thing is a once in a life time thing. And that scenery...its like a movie! How do you look so beautiful way up so high? Great pictures and post.

  2. What really cool pictures. Are you using the same camera from my house? Great pics.

    I do love the picture with the balloons in it. You should have it framed!

    I have this obsession of every city I go to I buy a picture frame and put my favorite pic in it from that trip. It's a lot of fun to sit them all out on my table in my living room and look at all of the fun places I have been. The only place I don't have a frame from is New Orleans. Guess I'll have to go back there just for that. LOL


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