Monday, April 19, 2010

I am one with Mother Earth.

I've been a horrible blogger/blog friend lately! I promise I will get back into the grove of things again soon. You all are probably getting tired of this trip too. :) Well, lucky for you, this is the last post!

So our final full day in Sedona, we decided to check out the famous hiking trails we had been hearing so much about. Thankfully, Brittney & Mark came prepared with a book describing all the trails near us. We chose the one that we thought would have the best views and not require actual climbing gear. It ended up just being Mark, Brittney, Ryan & I. The rest of the gang decided to sleep in and go later on in the day.

Mark & Brittney at the head of the trail.
We had to get our photo ops before we got all sweaty from our hike.

The boys were getting pretty excited to tear up that trail, but Brittney made sure we knew where we were going. It got pretty confusing at times because the trail would split off into different paths.

Ryan thought it was necessary to fashion a walking stick out of a branch. He even had two of them! I guess he needed all the help he could get! :)

Here's an action shot of him using the sticks. I was keeping my eyes glued to the path, because I did not want to be pricked by one the million cacti along the way!

Mark & Brittney taking a quick break to admire the views.

The farther up we got the more amazing the scenery. I could totally feel the air getting thinner too.

Watch out! Ryan is one with Mother Earth. :)

I had to throw in a couple of pics that Ryan took. He never lets me get ready for a picture! You can see here that our trail was steadily inclining. It actually got pretty rocky and had to watch our footing on lose rocks.
I swear...

Here's a short clip of the top of the mesa. It's an elevated area of land with a flat top and sides that are usually steep cliffs.

It didn't take us too long to reach the mesa so we decided to journey on. At this point we really didn't see anyone else on the path. It felt like we were blazing our own trail. I was kind of freaking myself out because I was worried about wild animals. Ryan swears this was a bear foot print!

Here's a view over looking Sedona and you can see on the right next to the be rock in the foreground, another mesa that is home to the town's small airport. Pretty cool!

Apparently, a few years ago there was a forest fire that wiped out a lot of the trees and vegetation. You can see a line here where the fired was stopped.

At this point we started to climb straight rock. I felt so adventurous! We were getting really high. Mark on top of one of the many boulders.

Ryan & Brittney taking things in before climbing even higher.

I'm really not that scared of heights but standing next to this edge really freaked me out! I scared Ryan pretty bad when I yelled at him to get away from the edge.

Mark & Brittney were pros.

It was absolutely gorgeous up there!

We had 360 views of the picturesque red rock mountains.

We could have stayed up there all day long. I was wishing we had brought a picnic to eat!

It was just so unreal.

Looks like the boys were struggling to climb up. :)

One of my favorite things to do is pick out images out of the rocks. This looked like a statue of a woman to me.

I wouldn't want to fall down there!

I love this picture of my hubby. This is frame worthy!

We had such a blast with Mark & Brittney. They really made this experience so much fun.

Mark was reenacting the proposal. This will always be a special place for them.

Brittney being a dare devil. The drop off was serious!

I really just can't describe this place. There's noway for me to give it justice. All I can think about is going back! Hopefully sooner then later.

After we made it back down, we definitely worked up an appetite. Chelsea met up with us to eat and watch KU get beat in the basketball tourney. Ryan & I were representing with our purple for KSU baby!

The morning we left, Ryan & I woke up early to take one last walk/hike up the red rock. We just couldn't get over the stunning views. It was well worth giving up a little extra sleep.

Ryan & I just before we left this dream house and vacation.

I strongly recommend everyone to visit here. My Godmother is even going next month now!! If it weren't for Brittney, I probably wouldn't have gone here for vacation but I'm so glad that I did. It was a once in a life time experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INVITING US BRITTNEY & MARK!!! We truly can not thank you enough.


  1. I'm finally catching up on my blog and reading others!! it's been a busy month, and i just can't seem to fit in all the extra stuff ;)
    your trip looked amazing!!! what an awesome experience. take as many trips as you can like this before kiddos, it's just not the same afterwards :) i will have to show wade the train post b/c he will get so excited. we're actually going to ride Thomas the Train this weekend, so he'll get a taste of what a real train ride is like! hope you're doing well. we have 10 weeks (or hopefully less!) until our baby girl arrives. More projects to go, but we'll make it. take care,

  2. You know what that stick makes me think of? When we were in New Mexico and we had to drop the stick on one side of the bridge and run to the other? What was that game called? Pooh Stick? AH! The fun!

  3. That looks so fun and so beautiful! I also love the fact that you kept your hair down the entire hike...amazing. Makes me want to go visit :)

  4. I can hardly stand the pictures, I want to go. Are you done with pics from here, because I am just a tad jealous! :) You look like a movie star in the picture with the "sticks"! And lastly, can you please take me shopping? I love your outfit in that last picture!!!

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