Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mi Casa Dos

Yesterday I completely forgot to tell you guys about a weird encounter my mom & I experienced while out shopping on Thursday (in KC). We were about to leave this cute little shop when my mom spotted something over in the distance. It was a raccoon just walking along it's merry way.
Then all of a sudden it spotted us and started to saunter over in our direction. I thought it was just a coincidence...
But then it became very obvious that it was headed directly for us! Just look at him staring at us!!
I wasn't sure if it thought we were going to give him food or if it was rabid. I've never see one this close before. I started to freak at this point.
So my mom & I ran back inside the shop. It came right up to the door and even put his paws on the glass! My mom said she's never seen a raccoon do that before. Have any of you? He stayed there for awhile and when he finally moved, we bolted for the car. Wasn't that so weird??

Back to the regular scheduled post... On Friday & Saturday, Ryan had an extra ticket to the Big 12 for his dad & best friend, Miles. I think the boys had a lot of fun watching the games together.

Here's Harlan & Ryan giving their best impression of Vienna's classic look off The Bachelor. :)
Back to normal.
Poor Sasha... The mean boys were "fake" petting her. They waved their hands above her and talked in sappy voices to her.
Poor thing. It just left her confused and wondering when she was really going to get pet!
Anyway, after the boys left for the basket ball game, Kara came to pick me up to go to lunch at Jose Peppers. After catching up and stuffing our faces, Kara drove me by the house that her & her husband are closing on next month! It's their first house, and I'm so excited for them. I know Kara is going to do all sorts of amazing things to it with her fabulous design ideas. I can't wait!
Then I came home and ran a few errands with my mom. We got done with those just in time to head down to the plaza to have dinner with the Ebrights and friends at Minsky's Pizza.

Susan, Mom & Sally
The whole gang. It was so great to catch up with some of Sally's dear friends. They were so sweet to want to hang out and join us for dinner. She's one lucky girl to have such amazing friends that care about her so much.

Sunday was our last day in KC and we had a later flight. This gave us time to see my Grandma and some family members. Especially this sweet thang, Addison.
She was soooo cute! She knew exactly what to do with a book and even laid down with it as if she were reading it in bed.
Addy loves her Great Grandma so much. I think everybody does. You just can't help it! Here she is singing to little Addison.
Mom, Me, Grandma, Addy, Aunt Cindy and Cousin Chelsea
Everyone again minus mom and plus Ryan

I already miss everyone so much and want to come visit again. Maybe everyone could just move here??


  1. That racoon is freaky. I have never seen one do that before! I guess he just wanted to show off for your camera ;)
    Sweet pictures of your family time. It is always great to go back to KC and see everyone. Glad you all had such a fun time!

  2. The thing with the raccoon is hilarious! Bless it's heart, most of them go the opposite way. Like I really have alot of encounters with raccoons, I don't know that but you would think they would! ha!! Love these pictures and what a great time. I laughed that Ryan is holding bunny ears up on you in that picture! BTW, I was totally in your neighborhood this past weekend!!


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